Quiz 72: Current Affairs October 2011 for Bank Clerical Exams

1. Which among the following state Governments in India have recently tabled a stringent land bill via which it bans the land acquisition by the state government for private projects, restricting itself to projects of “public purpose”, including internal security?
[B]West Bengal

2. As per the new Mining Bill recently approved by Union Cabinet, what fraction of the profits have to be shared by the coal miners with tribals?

3. Neelima Mishra has recently won which among the following awards?
[A]Ramon Magsaysay Award
[B]Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award
[C]Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration
[D]Right Livelihood Award

4. Who among the following is the writer of “A Case of Exploding Mangoes”?
[A]Kamal Siddiqi
[B]Khushwant Singh
[C]Najam Sethi
[D]Mohammed Hanif

5. Which among the following Indian archers have won Silver Medal in World Cup archery finals in Istanbul recently?
[A]Dola Banerjee
[B]Deepika Kumari
[C]Bombayala Devi
[D]Pranitha Vardhineni

6. Chandrasekhar Kambar, who has been recently chosen for India’s highest literary honour Jnanpith Award for 2010, is an eminent writer of which among the following languages?

7. Which among the following neighbors of India has been traced as a source of a new a polio wave, as India has set up immunization booths at international borders to counter the problem recently?

8. “Transitional National Council” has taken over the reign in which among the following countries recently?

9. Who among the following plays / had played a different sports than other three among the 4 options?
[A]Jwala Gutta
[B]Valiyaveetil Diju
[C]Saina Nehwal
[D]Sunitha Rao

10. The Uighur insurgents, which have been making frequent news in context with insurgencies in China live primarily in which among the following provinces of China?

11. Which among the following don’t come under the purview of Right to Education?
[A]Government Schools
[B]Private Schools
[D]Government schools funded by Private Funds

12. Daniel Shechtman has won the 2011 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the work on which among the following?
[C]Einstein solid
[D]Quantum fluid

13. In which state is located the Jongsong Peak?
[B]West Bengal

14. The growers of which among the following commodities in India are awarded with Prof. K M Chandy Memorial Award in India?

15. The “Peninsula Shield Force” is active in which region of the earth?
[A]South East Asia
[C]Middle East
[D]South America


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