Sports GK Questions - MCQs on Sports General Knowledge

Sports GK (General Knowledge) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on different sports and games for competitive examinations.

1. The 2017 National Sports Day (NSD) is celebrated on which day in India?

[A] August 28
[B] August 29
[C] August 26
[D] August 27

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2. Omega Mission Hills World Cup is related to which game?

[A] Tennis
[B] Golf
[C] Hockey
[D] Polo

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3. Which among the following is the National Sports of USA?

[A] Bowling
[B] Baseball
[C] Table Tennis
[D] Rugby

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4. Major Dhyanchand’s birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day in India, on which among the following dates?

[A] July 29th
[B] August 29th
[C] March 29th
[D] April 29th

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5. What is the tile of the autography of Major Dhyanchand?

[A] Goal
[B] Hockey Days
[C] Hockey – My Life
[D] Me & My Hockey

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6. What is the approximate maximum weight of Golf Ball as per Rules of Golf?

[A] 20 gms
[B] 25 gms
[C] 40 gms
[D] 45 gms

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7. Who among the following served as India’s first Test Captain?

[A] Nawab of Pataudi Senior,
[B] Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan
[C] C. K. Nayudu
[D] Lala Amarnath

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8. What is the other name of Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy?

[A] ICC Cricketer of the Year Awards
[B] ICC Test Captain of the Year
[C] Spirit of the Cricket Awards
[D] Test Player of the Year Award

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9. Benson Hedges Cup is related to which of the following sports?

[A] Hockey
[B] Cricket
[C] Football
[D] Basket Ball

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10. Which among the following was the venue of first South Asian Games?

[A] Kathmandu
[B] Dhaka
[C] Colombo
[D] New Delhi

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