Ancient Indian History Multiple Choice Questions


Bhagwati sutra is related to which of the following religions?

[A] Buddhism
[B] Jainism
[C] Hinduism
[D] Sikhism

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Which among the following Mahajanpada was located south most comparing to other Mahajanpadas?

[A] Magadha
[B] Avanati
[C] Assaka
[D] Kamboj

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Which of the following city was known as Avanti in ancient India?

[A] Varanasi
[B] Ujjain
[C] Patna
[D] Alwar

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Ashtadhyayi, Mahabhasya & Nirkuta are related to which of the following? 

[A] Music
[B] Grammar
[C] Philosophy
[D] Music

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In context with Vedic culture, in which of the following categories will be kept Gopath?

[A] Upveda
[B] Brahman
[C] Aranyaka
[D] Upnishada

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Gathas are most sacred of the texts of which of the following faiths?

[A] Zoroastrianism
[B] Jainism
[C] Confucianism
[D] Buddhism

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Bring out the Incorrect statement:

[A] The officer responsible for the safe custody of land records during the Gupta period was known as Karanika
[B] Fa-Hien came to India during the reign of Chandragupta II
[C] Manusmriti was the first work to recognize the payment of officers by grants of land
[D] All are correct

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Who among the following erected Gangaikonda Cholapuram ?

[A] Rajraja Chola
[B] Rajendra Chola I
[C] Mahendravarman I
[D] Gonka I

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Which of the following works credits ‘Pushyabhuti’ as the founder of the Vardhana dynasty ?

[A] Harshacharita
[B] Banskhera Inscription of Harsha
[C] Yuan-Chwang
[D] Kadambari

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Which Jain Tirthankar is considered as female by Shwetambar sect of the Jainism?

[A] 16th
[B] 18th
[C] 19th
[D] 20th

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