Ancient Indian History Quiz Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on Ancient Indian History for General Studies and GK preparation of SSC, NDA, CDS, UPSC, UPPSC and State PSC Examinations.
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1. Which of the following ancient Indian Kings had appointed Dhamma Mahamattas? 

[A] Asoka
[B] Chandragupta Maurya
[C] Kanishka
[D] Chandragupta-II

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2. The governors called Strategos were introduced by __?

[A] Sakas
[B] Indo-Greeks
[C] Kushanas
[D] Bactrians

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3. In the Junagarh inscription, which among the following Saka ruler achievements are highlighted?

[A] Moga
[B] Azes
[C] Rudraraman
[D] Nahapana

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4. Who among the following were teachers of Gautama Buddha before his enlightenment?

  1. Alara Kalama
  2. Udraka Ramputra
  3. Makkhali Gosala
  4. Nigantha Nataputta

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

[A] 1 and 4
[B] 1 & 3
[C] 2 and 3
[D] 1 and 2

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5. The grandson of Ashoka, who accepted Jainism was __?

[A] Samprati
[B] Kunala
[C] Dasharatha
[D] Salisuka

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6. Which of the Brahamana says’wife is half her husband’?

[A] Satapatha Brahamana
[B] Aitareya Brahamana
[C] Gopatha Brahamana
[D] Taittiriya Brahmana

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7. Which of the following Rigvedic deities represented Storm?

[A] Indra
[B] Maruts
[C] Varun
[D] Apas

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8. Whom did Skandgupta appointed as the the Provincial Governor of Saurashtra?

[A] Virasena
[B] Parnadatta
[C] Harisena
[D] Amarkhaddava

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9. Who among the following translated “Gita Govinda” in 1792?

[A] Sir Willam Jones
[B] Charles Wilkins
[C] Sir Robert Chambers
[D] H.H. Wilson

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10. Which of the following Pala Kings founded the Vikramshila University?

[A] Gopala
[B] Dharmapala
[C] Devapala
[D] Mahendrapala

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