Indian Polity & Constitution MCQs


The President of India appoints the Chairman and Members of the National Human Rights Commission on whose recommendations?

[A] Prime Minister of India
[B] Speaker of Lok Sabha
[C] Home Minister
[D] All of the Above

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Article 280 of the Indian Constitution deals with constitution of which of the following commissions?

[A] Law commission
[B] Election commission
[C] Finance Commission
[D] Delimitation Commission

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Hindi comes under in which of the following categories?

[A] National Language of India
[B] Mother Tongue of India
[C] Official Language of India
[D] Oldest Language of India

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Which among the following language comes under 8th schedule of Indian Constitution?

[A] Bhojpuri
[B] Mizo
[C] Rajasthani
[D] Dogari

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Bring out the incorrectly matched pair:

[A] National legislative assembly of Spain – Cortes
[B] Parliament of Norway – Storting
[C] National parliament of Denmark – Folketing
[D] All Matched Correctly

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Who among the following is known to set up municipal institutions at work in India in 1882?

[A] Lord Lytton
[B] Lord Ripon
[C] Lord Lansdowne
[D] Lord Mayo

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Who among the following called as the first citizen of Mumbai?

[A] Governor of Maharastra
[B] Chief Minister of Maharastra
[C] Sheriff
[D] Mayor

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Who among the following was the main rival candidate against India’s first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad?

[A] NN Das
[B] K T Shah
[C] CH Ram
[D] S Radhakrishnan

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Which of the following president of India was only person to be elected unopposed?

[A] 4th President
[B] 5th President
[C] 6th President
[D] 7th President

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Devendra Pandey Committee is related to:

[A] Banking Reforms in India
[B] Women’s Reservation
[C] Forest Rights Act
[D] Delimitation of Constituencies

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