Environment MCQs


In the context to India’s wild life, the flying fox is a __?

[A] Bat
[B] Vulture
[C] Stork
[D] Kite

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The most potent greenhouse gas among the following is __?

[A] Carbon dioxide
[B] Methane
[C] Water Vapor
[D] Ozone

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Which among the following is the World’s largest Wetland System? 

[A] Camargue (France)
[B] Okavango (Botswana)
[C] Everglades (USA)
[D] Pantanal (South America)

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Which of the following Environmentalists first gave the concept of Biodiversity ‘hotspots’ ?

[A] Gaylord Nelson
[B] Norman Myers
[C] John Muir
[D] Julia “Butterfly” Hill

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All species of ‘Lemur’ are endemic to which among the following places of the world? 

[A] Seychelles Islands
[B] Galapagos Islands
[C] New Caledonia
[D] Madagascar

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Which among the following terms of utmost significance in the dynamics of resource management was coined in the ‘Brundtland Commission Report’? 

[A] Polluter-Pays Principle
[B] Sustainable development
[C] Inclusive Growth
[D] Carrying Capacity

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With which of the following, the Agenda 21’ of Rio Summit, 1992 is related to? 

[A] Sustainable development
[B] Combating the consequences of population explosion.
[C] Mitigation norms of Green House Gases (