Medieval Indian History Multiple Choice Questions


For which of the following purpose, Alauddin Khilji created “Diwan-i-Riyasat”?

[A] Revenue Collection
[B] Civil court
[C] Tax Control
[D] Market control

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Which of the following Sultans is known to have laid the foundation of Agra City?

[A] Bahlol Lodi
[B] Sikandar Lodi
[C] Ibrahim Lodi
[D] Shershah Suri

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Which of the following Mughal emperor was known as Prince Khurram?

[A] Jahanagir
[B] Aurangazeb
[C] Shahjahan
[D] Shah Alam

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Which of the following Mughal emperors was famous as Shah-i-Bekhabar ?

[A] Shah Alam
[B] Jahangir
[C] Shahjahan
[D] Bahadur Shah I

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During whose reign Changez Khan invaded India?

[A] Balban
[B] Iltutmish
[C] Razia
[D] Alauddin Khilji

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Which among the following is a incorrect statement regarding market regulations by Ala-ud-din Khilji?

[A] The price controls were regulated on almost the entire market
[B] They vanished immediately after the death of the sultan
[C] The price controls were regulated on almost the entire market
[D] All are correct

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Which among the following was called as the Central Pillar of the administrative system of Delhi sultanate?

[A] Izra system
[B] Iqta System
[C] devsirme system
[D] Chahalgami

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Which among the following is incorrect regarding Buland darwaja?

[A] It was built by Akbar in 1602
[B] It was built in Fatehpur Sikri
[C] It was built to commemorate Akbar’s victory on Gujarat only
[D] All are correct

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Out of the battles fought between contemporary rulers and Babur, which among the following resulted in the firm establishment of Babur’s rule in North India?

[A] Battle of Panipat
[B] Battle of Khanva
[C] Battle of Ghagra
[D] Second Battle of Panipat

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After the attack of Mahmud of Ghazanavi, who among the following reconstructed the Somnath Temple?

[A] Bhimraja -I
[B] Bhimdev
[C] Mularaj I
[D] Jay Singh Siddharaaj

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