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Which of the following temple in India was called as “The Black Pagoda” by the Europeans?

[A] Tirumala Tirupati , Andhra Pradesh
[B] Kamakhya Temple -Assam
[C] Konark Sun Temple, Orissa
[D] Jagannath Temple, Orissa

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Monolithic human figures carved from rock called Moai Statues , which are also counted under seven forgotten wonders of the mediaeval world are located in which country?

[A] Peru
[B] Brazil
[C] Argentina
[D] Chile

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In which of the following states of India , a festival called Chapchar Kut is celebrated in March ?

[A] Assam
[B] Mizoram
[C] Karnataka
[D] Sikkim

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Which among the following is not located in Rajasthan?

[A] Karni Mata temple.
[B] Eklingji
[C] Junagarh Fort
[D] Narwar Fort

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Gaudavaho of Vakpati narrates the Digvijay of whom among the following?

[A] Bhaskaravarman
[B] Isanavarman
[C] Sasanka
[D] Yasovarman

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Shore Temple is located in which state?

[A] Kerala
[B] Orissa
[C] Assam
[D] Tamilnadu

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For next fifty years let Mother India be the only God to be worshipped by the Indians” Who among the following said this ?

[A] Mahatma Gandhi
[B] Jawahar lal Nehru
[C] Ram Krishna Paramhamsa
[D] Swami Vivekananda

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In which of the following fields Vyas Samman is given?

[A] Fims
[B] Literature
[C] Music
[D] Dance

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Who among the following was instrumental in designing New Delhi in collaboration with Edwin Lutyens?

[A] John Abel
[B] Thomas Warr Attwood
[C] Simon Basil
[D] Herbert Baker

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Kishangarh School of Rajasthan is famous for which of the following ?

[A] Painting
[B] Dances
[C] Sculpture
[D] Architecture

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