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The Sangai Festival is celebrated in __:

[A] Assam
[B] Manipur
[C] Mizoram
[D] Nagaland

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The temples constructed at Khajuraho are:

1. Jain temples
2. Vaishnavite Temples
3. Saivite Temples

Choose the correct option from the codes given below

[A] Only 1 & 3
[B] Only 2 & 3
[C] 1, 2 & 3
[D] Only 1 & 2

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The famous ‘Hornbill festival’ is celebrated in which of the following States of India?

[A] Nagaland
[B] Mizoram
[C] Assam
[D] Meghalaya

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Which of the following statements about the Gandhara School of Art is NOT correct?

[A] It displays Greek artistic influence and the concept of the “man-god” was essentially inspired by Greek mythological culture.
[B] Gandhara School of art enjoyed the liberal patronage of Indo-Greek rulers.
[C] Artistically, the Gandharan school of sculpture is said to have contributed wavy hair, drapery covering both shoulders, shoes and sandals etc.
[D] The Gandhara art primarily depicted the Buddhist themes.

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Gundecha brothers are well known exponents of which among the following styles of Hindustani Classical Music ?

[A] Khayal
[B] Tharana
[C] Dhrupad
[D] Thumri

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In which of the following city Elephant festival is celebrated annually?

[A] Jaipur
[B] Jodhpur
[C] Kota
[D] Ajmer

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‘Me-Dam-Me-Phi’ festival is a festival of which the communities in North Eastern India?

[A] Tai-Ahom
[B] Deori Tribe
[C] Garo
[D] Khasi

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Today’s Gurmukhi, Dogri and Sindhi scripts have developed from which among the following scripts?

[A] Brahmi Script
[B] Śāradā script
[C] Tankari Script
[D] Kushana Script

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Ezhuthachan Puraskaram is the highest literary award of which among the following Governments?

[A] Kerala
[B] Tamil nadu
[C] Karnataka
[D] Andhra Pradesh

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Which state Government confers the Basava Sri award?

[A] Gujarat
[B] Maharastra
[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] Karnataka

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