Indian Economy MCQs


What was the nationality of Mahbub ul Haq, one of the pioneers of Human development theory and founder of the Human Development Report (Other is Amartya Sen)?

[A] Uk
[C] Pakistan
[D] India

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Which among the following agricultural products is India’s main import item?

[A] Pulses
[B] Oil seeds
[C] Edible Oils
[D] Sugar

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Which among the following statement is incorrect?

[A] Bharat Nirman is a six pronged programme and was launched in 2005
[B] NREGA, which is now MGNREGA has been expanded to cover all 604 districts of the country in April 2008
[C] National Maritime Development Programme was launched in 2008
[D] All are correct

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Revenue-neutral rate (RNR) is a component of which of the following taxes in India?

[A] Goods and Services Tax (GST)
[B] Income tax
[C] Customs
[D] Excise duty

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In which year Central Economic Intelligence Bureau was set up to coordinate and strengthen the intelligence gathering activities as well as investigative efforts of all the Agencies which enforce economic laws?

[A] 1975
[B] 1980
[C] 1982
[D] 1985

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What is the annual untied grant for a Village Health Fund under the Village Health & Sanitation Committee, constituted by a state governments under the Panchayati Raj Institutions umbrella of implementation of National Rural Health Mission?

[A] Rs. 10, 000
[B] Rs. 20, 000
[C] Rs. 30, 000
[D] Rs. 40, 000

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Which among the following is correct full form of CAS in context with banking markets in India ?

[A] Cash Authorization Scheme
[B] Credit Authorization Scheme
[C] Credit Access System
[D] Credit Arrangement System

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Which of the following imaginary circumstances, the Reserve bank of India will opt to sell Government securities in the open market?

[A] When the Foreign funds inflow is meek
[B] When there is enormous Foreign Funds Inflow in the Indian Economy
[C] When banks have low liquidity and need liquidity
[D] When Government of India asks the RBI to sell securities

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The “Service area Approach” was an strategy launched to improve which of the following?

[A] Micro, Small and medium Enterprising
[B] Unorganized Sector
[C] Rural lending
[D] Urban Industrial Lending

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Since which year, Reserve bank of India is using the Selective Credit Control measures to control the amount of bank advances against the commodities having limited supply ?

[A] 1950
[B] 1953
[C] 1956
[D] 1960

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