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How many number of Precision Farming Development Centres (PFDCs) are present in Inidia?

[A] 20
[B] 22
[C] 25
[D] 30

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Who among the following was the chairman of the expert committee which suggested “Consumption Expenditure” for identifying the BPL?

[A] Abhijit Sen
[B] C Rangrajan
[C] Kirit Parikh
[D] Suresh Tendulkar

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Which among the following holds true for Economic Development?

[A] Economic Development is the value of country’s total output of goods and services during a year estimated at constant prices
[B] Economic Development increases in real per capita GNP over a period of time
[C] Economic Development expresses the relations between two variables
[D] Economic Development shows balanced Growth

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Which among the following does not come under the monetary policy for regulating the economy?

[A] Discount rate
[B] Government spending
[C] reserve requirement
[D] Open market Operations

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With which of the following the fiscal policy is related to ?

[A] Open market Operations
[B] Change in Reserve requirements
[C] Liquidity Adjustment facility
[D] Taxation and government spending

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Which among the following is the most important determinant of the size of the market in an economy?

[A] Population
[B] Cost of transport
[C] Infrastructure
[D] Productivity

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With which of the following, Public Finance does not deal with ?

[A] Public Revenue
[B] Public Expenditure
[C] Money Supply
[D] Financial Administration

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A good that is non-rivalries and non-excludable, and whose benefits can not be prices and therefore to which the principle of exclusion does not apply comes under the following heading?

[A] Pure Private Goods
[B] Pure Public Goods
[C] Pure Free Goods
[D] Pure Market Goods

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Which among the following does not go with Progressive taxation?

[A] ability to pay
[B] administrative convenience
[C] in built stabilizer
[D] will to work and save

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Progressive Taxation is most closely associated to the base which the tax proposals are generally developed is ______?

[A] Expediency Theory
[B] Cost of service approach
[C] Ability to pay approach
[D] Concentration approach

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