General Science Chemistry MCQs

Chemistry Objective (Multiple Choice) General Knowledge Questions & Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination

1. A Gold Ring which is 50% pure. Its purity can be alternatively shown as __:

[A] 18 Carat
[B] 18 Karat
[C] 12 Carat
[D] 12 Karat

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2. Which of the following is the essential element for batteries used in electric cars?

[A] Magnesium
[B] Lithium
[C] Sodium
[D] Bromine

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3. Which of the following is an alkaline earth metal? 

[A] Pottasium
[B] Lead
[C] Copper
[D] Calcium

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4. The Alkali metals are called good reducing agents. This implies that__: 

[A] They easily capture electrons
[B] They are not stable at room temperature
[C] They easily lose electrons
[D] They don’t act with dilute acids

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5. Which of the following does not increase when we move from left to right along a period in the periodic table?

[A] Oxidising Power of elements 
[B] Electronegativity 
[C] Non-metallic Character 
[D] Reducing power

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6. The energy required to remove an electron from the outermost shell of an atom in its isolated gaseous state is called?

[A] Electron Affinity
[B] Reducing Potential
[C] Ionization Potential
[D] Shell Potential

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7. Which among the following scientists had discovered Radium?

[A] Marie and Pierre Curie
[B] Andre-Louis Debierne
[C] Kasimir Fajans
[D] Oswald Helmuth Gohring

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8. Which among the following methods can be used to remove the permanent hardness in water due to calcium or magnesium sulphates? 

[A] Sulphonate method
[B] Nitrate method
[C] Zeolite method
[D] None of these

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9. Which among the following is called Laughing Gas popularly? 

[A] Nitric oxide
[B] Nitrous oxide
[C] Nitrogen penta oxide
[D] Nitrogen

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10. Which among the following happens in an oxidation reaction ? 

[A] Electrons are gained
[B] Electrons are lost
[C] Protons are gained
[D] Protons are lost

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