General Science Chemistry MCQs

Chemistry Objective (Multiple Choice) General Knowledge Questions & Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination

1. Which of the following is the most commonly used chemical for ripening of mangoes in India?

[A] Potassium Iodide
[B] Silver Iodide
[C] Ammonium Nitrate
[D] Calcium Carbide

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2. Which among the following elements are generally find in free state?

[A] Group 11 elements
[B] Group 12 elements
[C] Group 13 elements
[D] Group 14 elements

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3. Which among the following are constituents of Brass?

[A] Zinc and Copper
[B] Iron and Zinc
[C] Copper and Nickel
[D] Iron and Copper

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4. Which among the following is the correct decreasing of bio elements in Human Body?

[A] oxygen, hydrogen, Carbon, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus
[B] oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, and phosphorus
[C] oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus
[D] carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus

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5. What is the common name of analgesic and antipyretic drug acetylsalicylic acid?

[A] Paracetamol
[B] Aspirin
[C] Wintergreen
[D] Trazodone

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6. The easily noticed smell of the LPG gas is because of which among the following?

[A] Butane
[B] Propane
[C] Methane
[D] Ethanethiol

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7. Which of the following is an anti-knocking compound that has been phased out in many countries so far?

[A] Lead tetrachloride
[B] Tetra Ethyl Lead
[C] Ethyl acetate
[D] None of the above

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8. Who among the following scientists had discovered Radium?

[A] Marie Sklodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie
[B] André-Louis Debierne
[C] Kasimir Fajans
[D] Oswald Helmuth Göhring

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9. Bleaching Powder is a compound of _______?

[A] Calcium
[B] Sodium
[C] Magnesium
[D] Sulphur

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10. Kazimierz Funk or Casimir Funk, was a Polish biochemist, generally credited with the first formulation of the concept of which of the following ?

[A] Amino Acids
[D] Vitamins

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