General Science Chemistry MCQs

Chemistry Objective (Multiple Choice) General Knowledge Questions & Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination

31. Which of the following is also known as Alumina?

[A] AlO2
[B] Al2O3
[C] Al2O4
[D] Al2CO2

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32. What is the relation between mass and wavelength of any matter, as per de Broglie’s relation?

[A] Both are directly proportional
[B] Both are inversely proportional
[C] Both are independent of each other
[D] wavelength is twice the square of the mass

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33. How many values an Electron spin quantum number can have?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 4
[D] 8

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34. Which of the following is correct about effective nuclear charge experienced by the orbital?

[A] it increases with increase of azimuthal quantum number
[B] it increases with increase of magnetic quantum number
[C] it decreases with increase of azimuthal quantum number
[D] It is same everywhere

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35. What will be the number of neutrons in an atom having atomic number 35 and mass number 80?

[A] 35
[B] 45
[C] 55
[D] 80

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36. Which of the following is true about Rutherford model of atom?

[A] it explains how the electrons are distributed around the nucleus
[B] It cannot explain about the stability of an atom around the nucleus
[C] It tells us about the energies of the electrons around the nucleus
[D] All of the above

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37. What do we call an ideal body which emits and absorbs all frequencies?

[A] Black body
[B] White body
[C] Red body
[D] Zero body

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38. Which of the following statements is correct about Beta-decay?

[A] In β+decay, Mass number increases by 2
[B] In βdecay, Mass number decreases by 2
[C] In βdecay, the atomic number increases by 1
[D] None of the above

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39. Which of the following alpha-emitter is commonly used in smoke detectors?

[A] Bismuth – 209
[B] Amrecium-231
[C] Uranium-238
[D] Protactinium-231

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40. What do we call the reactions in which there is an exchange of ions between the reactants?

[A] Double Displacement reaction
[B] Decomposition reaction
[C] Displacement reaction
[D] Combination reaction

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