Medieval Indian History

Multiple choice questions on Medieval Indian History for General Studies and GK preparation of SSC, NDA, CDS, UPSC, UPPSC and State PSC Examinations.

21. Who among the following built the Alai Darwaza?

[A] Akbar
[B] Jahangir
[C] Allauddin Khilji
[D] Humayun

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22. Which among the following was the real name of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah ?

[A] Khujasta Akhtar
[B] Shahriyar Shah Bahadur
[C] Nadir Shah
[D] Raushan Akhtar

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23. The ambassador of Emperor James I, who reached in the court of Jahangir in 1615 was __:

[A] Sir James Hay
[B] Sir Thomas Roe
[C] Sir Thomas Howard
[D] Sir John Digby

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24. Which of the following rulers of India issued Mahzarnama to take all the religious matters into his own hands ?

[A] Jahangir
[B] Akbar
[C] Aurangzeb
[D] Shah Alam

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25. Who among the following was appointed as the supreme authority in justice during the era of Mughal Emperors ?

[A] Qazi-ul-Quzat
[B] Qazi-ul-Hazat
[C] Qazi-Faiz-ul-Islam
[D] None of these

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26. Who was Sultan of Delhi Sultanate when Timur invaded India in 1398?

[A] Mahmud Shah Tughluq
[B] Jalal ud din Firuz Khilji
[C] Aram Shah
[D] Ghiyas-ud-din Balban

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27. “Silver Tanka” and “Copper Jital” coins were introduced by:

[A] Iltutmish
[B] Abu Bakr Shah
[C] Firuz Shah Tughlaq
[D] Sikander Lodi

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28. Who among the following introduced the Zabti system and Dahshala system?

[A] Raja Todar Mal
[B] Firuz Shah Tughlaq
[C] Raja Man Singh I
[D] Ibrahim Lodi

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29. Which Mughal Ruler had higher number of Hindus as Mansabdars than Muslims under his administration?

[A] Akbar
[B] Aurangzeb
[C] Jahangir
[D] Shah Jahan

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30. Kamal-ud-Din Abd-ur-Razzaq ibn Ishaq Samarqandi, a Persian Islamic Scholar, visited which Indian city during early 1440s?

[A] Surat
[B] Calicut
[C] Chennai
[D] Chinsurah

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