Quiz 73: Indian History Basic Questions

1. Which among the following Muslim writers has written the famous Hindi work “Padmavat”?
[A]Malik Muhammad Jayasi
[B]Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana
[C]Amir Khusro
[D]Bulleh Shah

2. Which among the following travelers has recorded his experiences in “Kitab-i-Rehla” ?
[A]Amir Khusro
[B]Ibn Battuta
[C]Malik Murtaza

3. With which among the following branches of Mathematics, Sulva Sutras are related to ?
[D]Game Theory

4. Which among the following Mughal painters is credited for painting Siberian Crane and the Dodo for the first time?
[A]Abu al-Hasan
[C]Farrukh Beg
[D]Ustad Mansur

5. Which among the following had an objective of introducing the self-governing institutions to India?
[A]Indian Council Act 1909
[B]Mont-Ford Reforms
[C]Cabinet Mission
[D]Government of India Act 1935

6. Which among the following is the year of famous Queen Victoria’s Proclamation assuming the Government of India?

7. For reforms in which among the following, Hartog Commission was established?
[C]Civil Service
[D]Economic Reforms

8. Fraser Commission was established for reforms in which among the following in 1902?
[C]School Education
[D]Civil Service

9. Who among the following was Viceroy of India at the time of partition of Bengal (1905)?
[A]Lord Minto
[B]Lord Elgin
[C]Lord Curzon
[D]Lord Chelmsford

10. At which among the following places, the Muslim League was founded in 1906?

11. Simuka was an Indian king and the founder of which among the following dynasty?

12. Who among the following was the founder of Rastrakuta dynasty ?
[B]Krishna -I
[C]Indra – II
[D]Govinda -I

13. Which among the following was the state emblem of Pandyas?
[B]Bow & Arrow

14. Bhandi was a chief secretary of which among the following Indian Kings?
[B]Chandragupta Vikramaditya

15. In Sangam age, the term ” Pillai” was used for which among the following?

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