Quiz 73: Indian History Basic Questions

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1. which among the following Muslim writers has written the famous Hindi work “Padmavat”?

[A] Malik Muhammad Jayasi
[B] Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana
[C] Amir Khusro
[D] Bulleh Shah

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2. Which among the following travelers has recorded his experiences in “Kitab-i-Rehla” ?

[A] Amir Khusro
[B] Ibn Battuta
[C] Malik Murtaza
[D] Al-Bayhaqi

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3. With which among the following branches of Mathematics, Sulva Sutras are related to__?

[A] Algenbra
[B] Geometry
[C] Calculus
[D] Game Theory

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4. Which among the following Mughal painters is credited for painting Siberian Crane and the Dodo for the first time?

[A] Abu al-Hasan
[B] Bishandas
[C] Farrukh Beg
[D] Ustad Mansur

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5. Which among the following had an objective of introducing the self-governing institutions to India?

[A] Indian Council Act 1909
[B] Mont-Ford Reforms
[C] Cabinet Mission
[D] Government of India Act 1935

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6. Which among the following is the year of famous Queen Victoria’s Proclamation assuming the Government of India?

[A] 1857
[B] 1858
[C] 1859
[D] 1860

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7. For reforms in which among the following, Hartog Commission was established?

[A] Society
[B] Education
[C] Civil services
[D] Economic reforms

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8. Fraser Commission was established for reforms in which among the following in 1902?

[A] Army
[B] eduction
[C] Police
[D] Civil service

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9. Who among the following was Viceroy of India at the time of partition of Bengal (1905)?

[A] Lord minto
[B] Lord curzon
[C] Lord Elgin
[D] Lord Chelmsford

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10. At which among the following places, the Muslim League was founded in 1906?

[A] Kolkata
[B] Murshidabad
[C] Dhaka
[D] Lucknow

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