Quiz 72: General Knowledge for Banking and SSC Examinations

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1. Mars appears red because of presence of the following compounds on its surface?

[A] Copper Oxide
[B] Iron Oxide
[C] Copper Sulphide
[D] Magnesium Oxide

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2. Who among the following was the immediate successor of Guru Nanak?

[A] Guru Angad
[B] Guru Arjun
[C] Guru Amardas
[D] Guru Ramdas

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3. Surdas was a disciple of which among the following?

[A] Ramanujacharya
[B] Ramananda
[C] Vallabhacharya
[D] Gyaneshwar

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4. During the reign of Devaraya II which of the following famous temples were built in Vijaynagar empire?

[A] Hampi
[B] Hazura
[C] Belgaum
[D] None of them

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5. In which year, Raja Ram Mohan Roy established the “Atmiya Sabha” a precursor in the socio-religious reforms in Bengal?

[A] 1812
[B] 1815
[C] 1823
[D] 1826

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6. Treaty of Yandabu was signed after which among the following?

[A] First Anglo-Burmese War
[B] Second Anglo-Burmese War
[C] Anglo-Bhutanese War
[D] Third Anglo Afghan war

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7. Which among the following don’t come under the purview of Right to Education?

[A] Government Schools
[B] Private Schools
[C] Madrasas
[D] Government schools funded by Private Funds

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8. In which state is located the Jongsong Peak?

[A] Sikkim
[B] West Bengal
[C] Manipur
[D] Nagaland

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9. The growers of which among the following commodities in India are awarded with Prof. K M Chandy Memorial Award in India?

[A] Coffee
[B] Coconut
[C] Rubber
[D] Cocoa

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10. The “Peninsula Shield Force” is active in which region of the earth?

[A] South East Asia
[B] Africa
[C] Middle East
[D] South America

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