Quiz 67: Geography World

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1. Which of the following is world’s longest estuary?

[A] Orange River Estuary
[B] Great Bay
[C] Gulf of Ob
[D] San Francisco Bay

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2. Which of the following is the largest of the seven member states of United Arab Emirates?

[A] Dubaiu
[B] Sharjah
[C] Ras al-Khaimah
[D] Abu Dhabi

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3. Which mountains separate Asia from Europe in west?

[A] Ural Mountains
[B] Alps Mountains
[C] Caucasus Mountains
[D] None of them

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4. Territories of which of the following does not touch the Dead Sea?

[A] Lebanon
[B] Jordan
[C] Israel
[D] Palestine

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5. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in__?

[A] Russia
[B] Canada
[C] Australia
[D] Indonesia

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6. Mount McKinley is the highest peak in which continent?

[A] North America
[B] South America
[C] Europe
[D] Africa

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7. Australia’s longest river system is made by__?

[A] Darling River
[B] Murray River
[C] Culgoa River
[D] Paroo River

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8. Which country is known as “Land of Flying Fish”?

[A] Bahamas
[B] Barbados
[C] Cayman Islands
[D] Jamaica

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9. Which ocean is called “Herring Pond”?

[A] Pacific Ocean
[B] Atlantic Ocean
[C] Arctic Ocean
[D] Indian Ocean

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10. Aconcagua is the highest peak of which of the below mountains?

[A] Alps Mountains
[B] Ural Mountains
[C] Andes Mountains
[D] None of them

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