Quiz 67: Geography World

12. World’s largest estuary is made by which river?

Answer: Oab River

13. Where do the Tigris & Euphrates rivers originate and
end up ?

Answer: Armenian Plateau
to Persian Gulf

14. Which country in the world has maximum number of post

Answer: India

15. Which mountains separate Asia from Europe in west?

Answer: Ural Mountains

16. Which is lowest point of Asia?

Answer: Dead Sea is 395
meters down sea level

17. Mount Kosciusko is in which continent?

Answer: Australia

18. Mount McKinley is the highest peak in which continent?

Answer: North America

19. Which desert is found in Chile?

Answer: Atacama

20. A town and commune in French Guiana, an overseas region
and department of France located in South America?

Answer: Kourou

21. Meneetu is a lake under a lake. Where is it located?

Answer: Canada

22. Which city is located on the bank of " Darling " River

Answer: Sidney

23. Which place is known as " Land of Flying Fish" ?

Answer: Barbados

24. Which ocean is called " Herring Pond" ?

Answer: Atlantic Ocean

25. Which city is known as queen of Arabian Sea?

Answer: Kochi in India

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