Quiz 18: Basic General Knowledge

Which among the following is the correct meaning of a word “Manigramam” used in medieval India?
The term “Vitasta” in Rig Veda refers to which among the following rivers?
Who among the following is the writer of famous “Poverty and Un-British Rule in India”?
Simon Commission had visited India during the times of which among the following Viceroys?
At which among the following places, the aeration zone is located in Earth’s Lithosphere?
At which among the following points, the high tides are lower than usual and low tides are higher than usual?
At which among the following sessions of the Muslim League, Mohammed Ali Jinnah had invented a new slogan “Divide and Quit”?
At which among the following sessions, the All India Muslim league passed the Pakistan Resolution on 23 March 1940?
At which among the following temperatures, the indicator of Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometers will show the same reading?
On which date, Swami Vivekananda delivered his famous Chicago speech?


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