Quiz 48 : General Knowledge →World Geography

Which volcano is called the “light pillar of Mediterranean sea”?
What is the average density of earth in g/cm3?
In which country is located World’s largest trade centre of diamond?
Which of the following observations about Equinox is / are correct?
  1. It occurs twice a year
  2. The length of day and night is nearly equal all over the world
  3. Equinox marks the transition from winter to spring all over world
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
Lloyd Barrage is a 6166 mile long network of canals, feeding the largest irrigation system in the world, with more than 5 million acres of irrigated land. In which country it is located?
Owen Falls, world’s greatest man made lake, is located in which country?
Isohaline are the lines joining the points in the ocean that have equal _____?
Which among the following region is called as rust belt of Japan?
Mogao Caves, also known as “Caves of the Thousand Buddhas” are located in which among the following countries?
Which among the following is NOT a correct statement about tropical rainforests?


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    Sir, with reference to question, “Where is Black Mountain situated”, I want to add that Black mountain is not in Bhutan. plz check

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    Ques. 14 Correct answer should be Madhya Pradesh.

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    Shahgarh is in M.P. but shahgarh landscape is in Rajasthan

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    @ question 7 (Quiz 48)———world largest man made lake by volume is– LAKE KARIBA
    What do you mean by “Greatest” lake..??

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