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The Namgyal Monarchy used to rule which among the following current states of India, once upon a time?

[A] Arunachal Pradesh
[B] Megahalaya
[C] Nagaland
[D] Sikkim

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A Lok Sabha speaker addresses his/ her resignation to whom among the following?

[A] Deputy Speaker
[B] President
[C] Prime Minister
[D] Law Ministry

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Consider the following statements about Vitamins:
1. They are Organic compounds
2. They are water soluble BUT Fat insoluble
3. They are NOT synthesized in Human body at all
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

[A] Only 1
[B] 1 & 2
[C] 1, 2 & 3
[D] Only 2

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Consider the following statements about Typhoid fever:
1. Its a Viral Disease
2. Primary affects Lungs of the patient
3. Becomes Multi Drug Resistant similar to Tuberculosis
Which among the above statements is/ are true?

[A] Only 1
[B] 1 & 2
[C] 2 & 3
[D] Only 3

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Amflora is a genetically modified ______?

[A] Rose
[B] Potato
[C] Lotus
[D] Tomato

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History of which among the following parts of India has been described in the “Rajtarangini” of Kalhana?

[A] Kashmir
[B] Malwa
[C] Magadha
[D] Gandhar

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During the reign of which among the following Mughal Emperors, Mughal Architecture reached its zenith?

[A] Akbar
[B] Jahangir
[C] Shahjahan
[D] Aurangazeb

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During the reign of which among the following Kings, the Gandhar Style of Art developed?

[A] Kushana
[B] Shaka
[C] Indo-Parthian
[D] Indo-greeks

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Every five years, Harshavardhana used to donate all his possessions at an assembly at which among the following places?

[A] Ujjain
[B] Banaras
[C] Prayag
[D] Kannauj

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In which year, Partition of Bengal was annulled?

[A] 1909
[B] 1910
[C] 1911
[D] 1912

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    The Partition of Bengal in 1905, was made on 16 October by then Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. Due to the high level of political unrest generated by the partition, the eastern and western parts of Bengal were reunited in 1911.

  • balu

    The ashram was originally established at the Kocharab Bungalow of Jivanlal Desai on 25 May 1915. The Ashram was then shifted on 17 June 1917 to a piece of open land on the banks of the river Sabarmati

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