Quiz 171: GK for SBI Bank PO and other Banking Examinations

"Gadgil Formula” is related to which of the following ?
Which among the following was not a committee on Tax Reforms?
Among which of the following countries would you call a growing country or growing economy ?
Before independence , which of the following country was India’s largest trade partner?
Which among the following years marks the latest devaluations in India’s currency ?
Interest receipts and dividends come under which category of Government’s revenue?
Which among the following revolutions is related to ‘fertilizers’?
When 14 banks of India were nationalized on July 19, 1969, each one of them had a minimum deposit of ________?
What was the main objective of the FRBM Act which was enacted by Parliament in 2003?
Which among the following defines ‘revenue deficit’?


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