Quiz 60 : Basic General Knowledge for Upcoming Exams

1.Where do you find Toda people(a small pastoral community )?
(A) Nilgiri plateau of Eastern IndiaIndia
(B)Eastern Part of South India
(C) Nilgiri plateau of Southern India.
(D)Western Part of South India
(E)None of the above

2.What is the number of UNESCO member states and Associate members?
(A)191 Member States and Four Associate Members
(B)192 Member States and Five Associate Members
(C)193 Member States and seven Associate Members.
(D)194 Member States and six Associate Members
(E)195 Member States and eight Associate Members

3.With whose recommendations the Reserve Bank of India was set up?
(A)K. P. Priya
(B)Hilton Young Commission
(C)Samuel Commission
(D)K. Madhava Rao
(E)Special Commission of 1925

4.Who is the current governor general of Reserve Bank of India?
(A) Yaga Venugopal Reddy
(B)Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao
(C)Suresh Tendulkar
(D)U. R. Rao
(E)Lakshmi Chand

5.In terms of PPP(Purchasing power parity)where does India stand in the world?
(A)Second largest
(B)Third Largest
(C)Fourth Largest
(D)Fifth Largest
(E)Sixth Largest

6.In case of conflicting legislation ,a joint siting of two houses Lok sabha and Rajya sabha is held,it holds “de facto” veto power in such joint sessions.What does” de facto” means?
(A)”by fact”.
(B)”By experience”
(C)”By knowledge”
(D)”By mutual Understanding”
(E)None of the above

7.Who was known as Tiger of Mysore?
(A)Haider Ali
(B)Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu
(C) Venkatapati Raya
(D)Aravidu Ramaraya.
(E)None of the above

8. The production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water is called as?
(C) Induction generator
(D)Virtual power plant
(E) Distributed generation

9.Which of the following award was conferred upon UNICEF in 1965?
(A)Bremen Peace Prize
(B) Nobel Peace Prize
(C)Aachen Peace Prize
(D)Hessian Peace Prize
(E)All of the above

10. Which is the longest lived Empire of the modern European colonial empires, spanning almost six centuries?
(A)British Empire
(B)Portuguese Empire
(C) Roman Empire
(D)Byzantine Empire
(E)None of the above

11.Who is the a Norwegian chess Grandmaster and currently ranked number one in the world?
(A)Jacob Aagaard
(B)Magnus Carlsen
(C)István Abonyi
(D)Florencio Campomanes
(E)Rodolfo Tan Cardoso

12.Indian Tennis player who bcame Hollywood film maker
(A)Naresh Kumar
(B)Ashok Amritraj
(C)Poojashree Venkatesh
(D)Leander Paes
(E)Sumant Misra

13.How many island does Lakshadweep consists of?

14.Who built first Jet plane?
(A)A. A. Griffith
(B)Russell J. Brown
(C)Frank Whittle
(D)Henri Coanda
(E)None of the above

15.Name the instrument which is used to measure Humidity?
(D)All of the above
(E)None of the above

16.Salman Rushdie controvercial novel which was protested by the Muslims?
(A)The Satanic Verses
(B) Midnight’s Children
(E)Haroun and the Sea of Stories

17.When is Indian Air force day Celeberated?
(A)October 2
(E)October 10

18.Who is compared to Shakespeare , and also sometimes (wrongly) called Shakespeare of India?
(A)Rabindranath Tagore
(B)Hem Barua
(D)Keshab Mahanta
(E)Iswarchandra Gupta

19.How many Maths were established by Shankaracharya?

20.Three fourth of the Sun’s mass consist of?


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