Banking Awareness – 2020

Welcome to GKToday’s Banking Awareness Course 2020. This is a four months open course being conducted on our YouTube Channel for fundamental Banking Awareness material preparation. In this course, we are systematically covering basic level banking awareness for aspirants of Banking Recruitment Examinations.

No. Module / Quiz Date Video
1 History of Banking 27-Sep-19 Click
2 History of Reserve Bank of India 30-Sep-19 Click
3 Major Provisions of RBI Act 01-Oct-19 Click
4 Banking Regulation Act 02-Oct-19 Click
5 Nationalization of Banking 03-Oct-19 Click
6 Banking Reforms During Liberalization 04-Oct-19 Click
7 Major Banking Reforms of 21st century 07-Oct-19 Click
8 Types of Banking 08-Oct-19 Click
9 Types of Banks 09-Oct-19 Click
10 Public Sector Banks 10-Oct-19 Click
11 Private Sector Banks in India 11-Oct-19 Click
12 Foreign Banks in India 14-Oct-19 Click
13 Cooperative Banks in India 15-Oct-19 Click
14 Regional Rural Banks 16-Oct-19 Click
15 Local Area Banks 17-Oct-19 Click
16 Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) 18-Oct-19 Click
17 Small Finance Banks 21-Oct-19 Click
18 Payment Banks 22-Oct-19 Click
19 Banking Correspondents 23-Oct-19 Click
20 Structure of RBI 24-Oct-19 Click
21 Important Boards and Committees of RBI 25-Oct-19 Click
22 Monetary Policy of Reserve Bank of India 28-Oct-19 Click
23 RBI Functions. Regulation of Banks 29-Oct-19 Click
24 RBI Functions. Currency Administration 30-Oct-19 Click
25 RBI Functions. Banker and Debt Manager for Governments 31-Oct-19 Click
26 RBI Functions. Banker to other banks 01-Nov-19 Click
27 RBI Functions – Custodian of Foreign 04-Nov-19 Click
28 Overview of Banking Business 05-Nov-19 Click
29 Bank Deposits 06-Nov-19 Click
30 Bank Accounts 07-Nov-19 Click
31 Lending Operations 08-Nov-19 Click
32 Lending Risks and Non-performing Assets 11-Nov-19 Click
33 Debit Cards & Credit Cards 12-Nov-19 Click
34 Micro. Credit and Micro. Finance 13-Nov-19 Click
35 Credit to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 14-Nov-19 Click
36 Payment of Pension to Government Pensioners 15-Nov-19 Click
37 Lead Bank Scheme 18-Nov-19 Click
38 Financial Inclusion 19-Nov-19 Click
39 Self-Help Groups 20-Nov-19 Click
40 ATMs 21-Nov-19 Click
41 Banking Ombudsman Scheme 22-Nov-19 Click
42 Various Saving Schemes and Products 25-Nov-19 Click
43 Various Negotiable Instruments 26-Nov-19 Click
44 Concepts Related to Negotiable Instruments 27-Nov-19 Click
45 Methods of Remittance 28-Nov-19 Click
46 Technology in Remittance 29-Nov-19 Click
47 Payment Systems 02-Dec-19 Click
48 Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 03-Dec-19 Click
49 NEFT, RTGS and IMPS 04-Dec-19 Click
50 Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) 05-Dec-19 Click
51 BHIM and UPI 06-Dec-19 Click
52 Internet & Mobile Banking 09-Dec-19 Click
53 Indian Money Market. Structure and Features 10-Dec-19 Click
54 Instruments of Money Market 11-Dec-19 Click
55 Regulation of Money Market in India 12-Dec-19 Click
56 Monetary Aggregates and Money Supply 13-Dec-19 Click
57 Capital Market in India 16-Dec-19 Click
58 Capital Market Instruments 17-Dec-19 Click
59 Derivatives and Futures 18-Dec-19 Click
60 Capital Market Terminology 19-Dec-19 Click
61 Various Types of Non-Banking Financial Companies 20-Dec-19 Click
62 NBFC-Peer to Peer Lending Platform 23-Dec-19 Click
63 NBFC-MFIs 24-Dec-19 Click
64 Core Investment Companies 25-Dec-19 Click
65 Infrastructure Finance Companies (IFCs) 26-Dec-19 Click
66 Infrastructure Debt Funds 27-Dec-19 Click
67 NBFC – Factors 30-Dec-19 Click
68 Various Types of Financial Services 31-Dec-19 Click
69 Merchant Banking 01-Jan-20 Click
70 Issue Management 02-Jan-20 Click
71 Underwriting 03-Jan-20 Click
72 Debenture Trustees 06-Jan-20 Click
73 Portfolio Management 07-Jan-20 Click
74 Leasing Services 08-Jan-20 Click
75 Hire Purchase 09-Jan-20 Click
76 Factoring Business 10-Jan-20 Click
77 Venture Capital 13-Jan-20 Click
78 Housing Finance 14-Jan-20 Click
79 Housing Loans 15-Jan-20 Click
80 Personal Loans 16-Jan-20 Click
81 Corporate Loans 17-Jan-20 Click
82 Mutual Funds 20-Jan-20 Click
83 Credit Rating 21-Jan-20 Click
84 India’s Foreign exchange Reserves 22-Jan-20 Click
85 Role of RBI and Banks in Foreign Exchange Management 23-Jan-20 Click
86 FERA and FEMA 24-Jan-20 Click
87 Digital Public Credit Registry 27-Jan-20 Click
88 Aadhaar and E. KYC in Banks 28-Jan-20 Click