Indian Economy : Fast Quiz

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1.When was Varsha Bima introduced?

2.For which kind of fertilizers India is totally dependent on Imports?

3.Through which Bank Rural Knowledge Centers are being established?

4.In which state Rural Business Hub scheme was launched ?

5.Which act makes a different category for Medium Enterprises ?

6.Nayak Committee was constituted for which purpose?

7.What is the ceiling of Foreign Direct Investment in Defense Sector?

8.At present how many companies are listed in Navratna & Miniratna categories?

9.In which year Small Industries Development Organization SIDO was established?

10.Where was established the first ever Diesel Engine Factory and when?

11.Where was established the first Cycle making factory in India?

12.What is India’s share in global carpet exports

13.In which state maximum Jute mills are in India ?

14.In which Budget Village in Wheels was proposed to boost rural tourism?

15.Which two countries are India’s largest foreign trade partners?

16.In which year Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd was established ?

17.What is India’s rank in Bauxite Resources for Aluminum?

18.What is India’s Rank in world in Coal Deposits?

19.Which area is India’s main Diamond bearing area?

20.Kolar & Hutti in Karnataka & Ramgiri in Andhra Pradesh is famous for which ore?

21.Which is the largest producer state of graphite in India?

22.What is India’s rank in Mica sheet production?

23.Where is located the Center for Wind Energy Technology ?

24.In which year National Commission on Population was established?

25.Which is the nodal agency in India that undertakes the procurement. Distribution & storage of food grains in India?

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