Vocab Practice 10

Each question presents a sentence with a word or phrase in bold. Find the word or phrase which is similar in meaning to the word in bold.

1.Rohit was shaken up by the false alarm.
(A)nervous and upset
(B)warned and prepared
(C)surprised and humored

2.Go to Siberia if you like frigid climate.

3.She was so mixed up that couldn’t answer the interviewer’s questions

4.The child you see on the street corner is an insolent.

5.The wolf is untamed ancestor of a dog.

6.As soon as I reached home I told her , I am famished.
(A)worn out

7.As luck would have it, I was lunching alone that day.
(C)by chance

8.Your reasoning doesn’t make sense and it is fallacious.

9.He is considered as an eminent member of the society

10.For his family, grandpa’s one idiosyncrasy of talking too much was hard to bear.
(B)peculiar nature

11.Imposing edifice doesn’t mean people are happy with the King.
(A)write books
(B)make large buildings
(C)develop gardens

12.He came soiled and seedy, he was smelling.

13.The email has supplanted the fax machines.

14.After he saw the pictorial warning on the cigarette pack , he desisted smoking.

15.The people who are working on the High ways are itinerant labor.

16.Her attitude was contrite after she lied to her father.

17.The police could not accept the officious demands of the mob.

18.The group delivered the requested paean to the congregation.
(A)song of praise
(C)story of heroism

19.Sagelyhe asked the two boys to go home.

20.During the conversation , she was ostensibly frank.


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