Quiz 77: GK for Banking Exams

ASHA is a government of India Scheme related to which among the following Flagship Programmes?
In which year, India launched Look East Policy?
Which among the following is NOT a function of commercial bank in India?
Which among the following does not partner in Bharat Nirman?
Department of disinvestment comes under which among the following ministries?
Which state of India has largest monazite, which is an in situ resource for Thorium?
Which of the following are parts of India’s Money Market?
  1. Individual money lenders
  2. Cooperative Banks
  3. Primary Agri-Credit Societies
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
Which among the following is used by Reserve Bank of India for “sterilization of the Capital Inflows”?
Asset Reconstruction Company of India (ARCIL) has been launched to deal primarily with ____?
Which among the following is NOT a must condition for a Scheduled Commercial Bank in India?


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    Information about ASHA is wrong.
    Its a scheme related to mother and child health.

    Poor women and children in rural regions of India are availing many benefits from Asha, a scheme launched by the Government of India under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

    The scheme aims at spreading awareness about mother-child health. Hundreds of families of Barolyahir have gained from the services rendered by the Asha.

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