Quiz 16: Basic General Knowledge

1. National Cadet Corps Day is celebrated on which among the following dates?

[A] October 21
[B] November 23
[C] December 25
[D] January 21

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2. Who among the following was first defense minister of India after independence?

[A] Sardar Patel
[B] Krishna Menon
[C] Sardar Baldev Singh
[D] Deep Narayan Singh

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3. In which among the following diseases, Seed Therapy is used now a days for treatment?

[B] Tuberculosis
[C] Cancer
[D] Asthama

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4. The name of S Vijayalakshmi is famous in which among the following games / sports?

[A] Badminton
[B] Table Tennis
[C] Chess
[D] Hockey

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5. World Meteorological day is celebrated on:

[A] March 23rd
[B] March 24th
[C] April 23rd
[D] April 24th

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6. In which year, Environment (Protection) Act was enacted?

[A] 1985
[B] 1986
[C] 1995
[D] 1996

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7. Which among the following organizations confers “Vachaspati Award”?

[A] Ministry of Culture
[B] Sahitya Kala Academi
[C] Birla Foundation
[D] Azim Premji Foundation

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8. The controversial Babli project is a barrage being built by Maharashtra Government across which among the following rivers?

[A] Bhima River
[B] Krishna River
[C] Godavari River
[D] Painganga River

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9. In Mammalian embryo, which among the following is the outermost membrane that serves as exchange between embryo and environment?

[A] Amnion
[B] Allantois
[C] Chorion
[D] Yolk sac

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10. In Context with the computer terminology, how many bits are there in a nibble?

[A] 2
[B] 4
[C] 8
[D] 16

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