Mega Quiz May-First 2009 : Based Upon Current Affairs



  • 1 . Which committee among following has been constituted by Supreme Court to curb the menace of Ragging?
    A. Yashpal Committee

    B. Raghuvansh Panel

    C. Raghavan Committee

  • 2 . When was The Hindu marriage Act enacted by the parliament?
    A. 1956

    B. 1955

    C. 1965

  • 3 . Where is located the SEZ Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park?
    A. Pune

    B. Bangalore

    C. Chandigarh

  • 4 . Which peak of the Himalaya has the name Chogo Gangri?
    A. Nanga Parbat

    B. K2

    C. Kangchenjunga

  • 5 . Which port is called Child of Partition?
    A. Kandla

    B. Mumbai

    C. Marmugao

  • 6 . Which among the following is a currency of Israel?
    A. Shekel

    B. Tenge

    C. Dollar

  • 7 . What was “Colonial Height” that struck Virginia of US in 2008?
    A. Tornado

    B. Typhoon

    C. Cyclone

  • 8 . What was “Gustav” ?
    A. A Hurricane

    B. A Missile

    C. An Aircraft

  • 9 . What is the latest Repo rate?
    A. 4.75

    B. 3.75

    C. 5.00

  • 10 . What is the latest Reverse Repo Rate?
    A. 3.50

    B. 3.25

    C. 3

  • 11 . Which summit was held in Hua Hin Thailand recently (March 2009)
    A. G-20

    B. ASEAN

    C. G-7

  • 12 . Recently the word ” protectionism” was in newspapers. Which among the following gives precise definition of protectionism?
    A. Raising Barriers in Trade between two countries.

    B. Protecting the Public Money

    C. Removing tariffs & barriers

  • 13 . Sri Lankan President Mr. Mahindra Rajpaksha urged the south Asian Countries in The SAARC council held in Colombo in February 2009 for an immediate and collective response to deal with Â….?
    A. Terrorism

    B. menace of tax heavens

    C. Shun Protectionism

  • 14 . In which SAARC summit The Convention of Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters was signed ?
    A. 15th summit Colombo

    B. 31st summit Colombo

    C. 14th summit New Delhi

  • 15 . ” Padma Vibhushan” is our country’s Â…Â…..largest civilian award?
    A. First

    B. Second

    C. Third

  • 16 . Which among the following is NOT a recipient of Padma Vibhushan?
    A. Dr. Kakodkar

    B. Dr. Ashok Shekhar Ganguly

    C. Dr. Ashok Kumar Grover

  • 17 . Which among the following is a prominent corporate in Padma Bhushan Awardees?
    A. C K Prahalad

    B. A M Naik

    C. K S Pareekh

  • 18 . Israel and India have recently signed a defense deal. Which among the following countries is a largest buyer of arms from Israel?
    A. India

    B. China

    C. Russia

  • 19 . The recent deal with Israel Military Industries and Central government are related to manufacture of which among the following ?
    A. Artillery Ammunitions

    B. Missiles

    C. Air Defense System

  • 20 . Recently , Uranium ore arrived in India from Areva. This ore is being processed at Nucle4ar Fuel Complex situated in Â….?
    A. Bangalore

    B. Chennai

    C. Hyderabad

  • 21 . Brahmos is a Â…Â…?
    A. Ballistic Missile

    B. Supersonic Cruise Missile

    C. Surface to Surface Antitank Missile

  • 22 . Recently 8th Global Information Technology Report was released by World Economic Forum which has ranked 134 countries in Networked Readiness Index. What is India’s Rank ? 
    A. 45th

    B. 54 th

    C. 145th

  • 23 . In the report of World Economic Forum , which country tops the list ?
    A. Denmark

    B. Australia

    C. Germany

  • 24 . An aircraft carrier , under construction at Cochin Shipyard will be deployed in Vishakhapatnam for Indian Navy by which yearÂ…?
    A. 2012

    B. 2014

    C. 2016

  • 25 . India spent $ 1 billion on acquiring six lockheed martin c-130J super Hercules military transport planes in 2008. Which country was
    A. Russia

    B. Israel

    C. USA
    the source ?

  • 26 . Which country is supporting Delhi Metro Rail Project ?
    A. Russia

    B. Japan

    C. USA

  • 27 . Indian recently renewed Protocol on Inland Water Transit and Travel with which country among the following?
    A. China

    B. Nepal

    C. Bangladesh

  • 28 . The declaration which was issued at the end of the G-20 summit was having the following title?
    A. Strengthening The Financial System

    B. Terror Free World

    C. Strengthening Global Banking

  • 29 . Najib Razak was recently sworn in as Prime Minister of . ?
    A. Malaysia

    B. Cambodia

    C. Laos

  • 30 . Which country among the following has recently launched an indigenous communication satellite on April 5, 2009?
    A. Iran

    B. North Korea

    C. South Korea

  • 31 . Who is the first women to serve as speaker of the house in President Obama’s Team?
    A. Nancy Pelosi

    B. Hilary Clinton

    C. Samantha Power

  • 32 . Which two European countries are redrawing the borders?
    A. Italy and France

    B. France and Switzerland

    C. Italy & Switzerland

  • 33 . www recently marked itsÂ…Â…century?
    A. 20th

    B. 25th

    C. 15th

  • 34 . Which country has recently emerged as top creditor to US?
    A. Russia

    B. Canada

    C. China

  • 35 . According to a revised UN estimate what will be world’s population by 2050?
    A. 9 Billion

    B. 8 billion

    C. 10 billion

  • 36 . Anna Bligh is related to which country?
    A. New Zealand

    B. Australia

    C. USA

  • 37 . Recently Charles Simonyi was in news for traveling Space twice as Tourist . He belongs to Â…?
    A. US

    B. Australia

    C. Canada

  • 38 . Recently which Asian country has deployed two ballistic missile destroyers for its defense in sea?
    A. North Korea

    B. Japan

    C. China

  • 39 . Panna / mukta and Tapti fields are forÂ…. ?
    A. Oil and gas

    B. Coal

    C. Gemstones

  • 40 . Which among the following companies supplies 70 % of Natural gas in the Country?
    A. GAIL

    B. ONGC

    C. Reliance

  • 41 . Under the UV lamp , the original currency notes of India appear to have optical fibers of two colors. Which are the two colors?
    A. Pink & Yellow

    B. Blue & Red

    C. Pink & Blue

  • 42 . ” A Flame That has stood the test of Time” which company has used this punch line?
    A. LIC

    B. UTI

    C. GIC

  • 43 . G-20 is a group of world’s most powerful countries which represent what part of world’s Economy?
    A. 65%

    B. 75%

    C. 85%

  • 44 . In the G-20 summit , which among the following were included to bring within the global regulatory Net for the first time?
    A. Mutual Funds

    B. Hedge Funds

    C. Global Depository Receipts

  • 45 . What was the size of special Drawing Rights (SDR) allocation in the G-20 summit for International Monetary Fund?
    A. $150 billion

    B. $ 250 billion

    C. $ 750 billion

  • 46 . In the G-20 summit it was concluded that The Financial Stability Forum is to be replaced with strengthened mandate by which among the following? Organization
    A. Financial Stability Board

    B. Financial Stability Organization

    C. Financial Consortium

  • 47 . Where did the Finance Ministers and central bankers of the G-20 met on 14th march 2009?
    A. Horsham

    B. Washington

    C. New York

  • 48 . Recently which temple sought for GI tag for its sweet?
    A. Vaishnodevi

    B. Tirupati

    C. Shirdi

  • 49 . Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?
    A. Tamilnadu

    B. Karnataka

    C. Kerala

  • 50 . If a person is arrested for an offence by a Police officer without warrant, the offence comes under which category?
    A. Cognizable

    B. In-cognizable

    C. None of the two


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