Quiz 255: GK for SSC Exams

Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture is loacted at:
Which date is associated with the incident of Chauri Chaura?
The gastric acid which is secreted by the stomach epithelium cells is actually which of the following ?
Consumption of a high amount of which of the following may cause cirrhosis ?
Which among the following is / are correct regarding a mature sperm and ovum?
Which among the following is true regarding fraternal twins?
Which among the following function as locus of biochemical reactions?
A genetic code specifies how many kinds of amino acids?
What fraction of Human Blood is Plasma?
How many vertebrae does a human being have ?


  1. Anonymous

    November 5, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    It is not BSNL but VSNL & MTNL which are listed companies. BSNL is 100% state-owned telecom company.

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    thanks in advance . atlease tell me which months current affairs are covered in that.

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