Quiz 254 : Miscellaneous GK for All Examinations

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1. In 1835 the Cacher Levy with about 750 men was raised to counter the tribal raids. It is known with which of the following names today?

[A] Central Reserve Police Force
[B] Rajputana Rifles
[C] Assam Rifles
[D] National Security Guards

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2. In the Afternoon of Time” is a biography of which of the following personalities?

[A] Harivansh Rai Bachchan
[B] R K Narayan
[C] Subhash Chandra Bose
[D] Adolf Hitler

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3. Which among the following is not a Book By Jawahar Lal Nehru?

[A] The Question of Language
[B] Where are we?
[C] The Unity of India
[D] Freedom in Exile

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4. Which among the following is older name of Zimbabwe?

[A] Rhodesia
[B] Northern Rhodesia
[C] Southern Rhodesia
[D] Salisbury

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5. Pingali Venkaya is related to which of the following?

[A] Indian Army
[B] India’s National Flag
[C] India’s National Anthem
[D] India’s Constitution

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6. Which among the following is not correctly matched?

[A] Dampa Sanctuary – Mizoram
[B] Valmiki Reserve – Bihar
[C] Rohla National park – Himachal Pradesh
[D] Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary – Rajasthan

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7. The smallest states in India Area and Population wise are?

[A] Goa & Sikkim
[B] Sikkim and Goa
[C] Goa & Mizoram
[D] Goa & Arunanchal Pradesh

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8. What is the rank in Indian Air Force, which is equivalent to Major in Indian Army?

[A] Wing Commander
[B] Squadron Leader
[C] Flight Lieutenant
[D] Flying Officer

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9. Japanese encephalitis is a disease caused by __ ?

[A] Virus
[B] Protozoa
[C] Bacteria
[D] Fungi

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10. Which among the following is a Treaty Signed between USA & former USSR?

[A] Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
[B] Izmir Treaty
[C] Outer Space treaty
[D] Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty or Moscow Treaty

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  • Anonymous

    For the question 15, can you explain why START treaty is not the correct answer.

  • Varun Reddy

    START is not among the options..plz read the question.Which among the following…..

  • Anonymous

    hi buddies,
    any one wrote the sbi clerk exam on 8/11/09 . please post some q's asked in that exam . i am going to write exam on 15/11/09.

    thanks in advance . atlease tell me which months current affairs are covered in that.
    and which topics r stressed .