Quiz 135: Indian Economy

The commodity market in India is regulated by which of the following agencies?
Headquarters of Forward Market Commission is located at?
Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act was enacted in which year ?
During which plan Durgapur, & Rourkela plants were set up ?
On what date FERA was replaced by FEMA?
Which among the following organizations is the apex body in cooperative sector and deals in procurement , distribution, export and import of selected agricultural commodities?
Which among the following was India’s first Transgenic Crop?
The Straits Times belongs to which of the following countries?
Which among the following is the single largest shareholder in Small Industries Development Bank of India?
SBI Life Insurance company is a joint venture between SBI and:


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  9. MD Afzal

    August 10, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    Hi All the questions are important for exam . Thanks for those materials. But I have a bit confusion when I went through the question no-9 on what date FERA was replaced by FEMA. And the answer is January 1 2000 but when I checked it from wikipedia then answer is completely different. I think it should be different.The exact date should be June 1998 under Atal Bihari govnt so that all the answer should be correct

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