Quiz 134: Basic Geography GK for SSC Examination

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1. Which among the following types of clouds are associated with structure resembling the piles of “Cauliflower”? 
[A] Stratus
[B] Nimbus
[C] Cumulus
[D] None of the above

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2. Which among the following country is also known as Crossroads of Central Asia? 
[A] Uzbekistan
[B] Afghanistan
[C] Tajikistan
[D] Turkmenistan

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3. Ngultrum is a currency of which of the following counties?
[A] Bhutan
[B] Myanmmar
[C] Cambodia
[D] Laos

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4. What is the distance between consecutive longitudes at poles? 
[A] 0 km
[B] 10 km
[C] 15 km
[D] 20 km

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5. During which of the following events the distance between Sun and Earth is maximum? 
[A] Aphelion
[B] Perhelion
[C] Summer Solsitice
[D] Winter Solsitice

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6. Which among the following is the average Orbital speed of the Earth around the Sun? 
[A] 18.5 km / sec
[B] 29.7 km/s
[C] 31.5 km/s
[D] 33.6 km/s

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7. Which among the following soil is rich in minerals? 
[A] Alluvial soil
[B] Black soil
[C] Red soil
[D] Laterite soil

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8. Which among the following soil has formed by the weathering of ancient metamorphic and crystalline rocks and is rich in Iron content ? 
[A] Black Soil
[B] Red Soil
[C] Alluvial Soil
[D] Laterite soil

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9. Which among the following is the source of Brahamputra River?
[A] Mount Kailash in Tibet
[B] Manasarovar lake in Tibet
[C] Gangotri Glacier
[D] Angsi Glacier

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10. Which among the following is the largest river system among the Deccan system of rivers? 
[A] Godavari
[B] Cauvery
[C] Krishna
[D] Periyar

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    The Population density (people per sq. km) in Maldives was last reported at 1052.95 in 2010, according to a World Bank report published in 2012.
    The Population density (people per sq. km) in Bangladesh was last reported at 1142.29 in 2010, according to a World Bank report published in 2012.
    which is right answer question no 14 in quiz 134.

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    After partition of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka state shares its boundary with 6 states; whereas Andhra Pradesh shares its boundary with 5 states

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