Quiz 116 : GK for Competitive Examinations

One of the cited reasons of the expedition of Muhammad Bin Qasim on Sindh was to punish the Bawarij of Sindh. Who were these people?
Who among the following was the writer of Tarikh-i-Firozshahi?
The silver coins of which among the following kings carried portraits and bilingual legends, which were inspired by the Kshatrapa types?
Who was the first American president to resign from office?
Any moving object on earth finally comes to rest due to which among the following?
The "liberty, equality and fraternity" enshrined in Preamble of Constitution of India, is inspired by which revolution?
Great Himalayan National Park is located in which among the following states?
Which among the following is a “Infrastructure Finance Company (IFC)”?
Bhitarkanika National Park is located in which among the following states?
In which year Competition Commission of India was established?


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