Quiz 117: Indian History for Public Service Examinations

During Freedom Struggle of India, which among the following movements started with Dandi ?
Who among the following prescribed the separate electorates for India on the basis of the Communal Award in August 1932?
Who among the following also launched a Home rule Movement in India, apart from Annie Besant?
Which among the following rulers of Delhi Sultanate declared himself as Sikandar-I-Sani?
Which among the following dynasty is known to have constructed the temples at Khajuraho?
Which among the following Buddhist Canon is related to dealing with rules for monks and nuns ?
Savatthi was capital of which among the 16 Mahajanpadas?
Which organization was formed in Germany in 1914 during World War I by Indian students and political activists residing in the country?
Which among the following acts provided for direct control of Indian Affairs by the British Government?
During the period of Harshavardhana the fields were watered by the pots which were called Ghati yantra. The writing of which among the following authors records this?


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