Mega Quiz June (First) : Based Upon Current Affairs

1.Ms. Neerja Chaudhary was recently chosen for Prem Bhatia award in journalism . She was chosen for which category ?
(A)political journalism
(B)business journalism
(C)sports journalism

2.With a view to keep the price of commodities under check , the centre released another six lakh tonne of free sale _______-for the April June Quarter?

3.ANUSAT has been developed by ?
(A)Anna University
(B)Annamalai University
(C)IIT Kharagpur

4.Consider the following statements regarding “Malabar 2009”. Which among the following statements is/are true?
(A)Malabar 2009 is a bilateral exercise of US and Indian Navy taking place on US Coast line.
(B)Malabar 2009 is a trilateral exercise of US , Indian Navy and Japan at east of Okinawa islands Japan
(C)Malabar 2009 is scheduled to be held in September 2009.

5.India and _______will develop a fifth generation jet fighter .The new fighter is being developed under the prospective aircraft system of the frontline Aviation programme to replace fourth generation models now in service in Indian and ________air forces?
(A)Russia, Russian
(B)Israel, Russian
(C)US , Russian

6.Indian telecom giant Bharti on recently announced that it has opened talks for acquiring 49 per cent stake with South African MTN. What is the approximate size of this deal?
(A) $33-billion
(B) $23-billion
(C) $28-billion

7.Recently Indian-Tibet trade at Taklakot mart, in Tibet could not take place, for the first time since 1992, due to protests in Tibet in the wake of the Beijing Olympics and still authorities awaiting response from China side. What kind of trade is it ?
(A)Barter Trade
(B)Monetary Trade
(C)Export Import

8.Recently it was in news that the centrally-sponsored National Means-cum-Merit scheme, which aims at providing scholarship to 100,000 school students annually, has failed to achieve the target in the first year of its implementation. How many students have been benefitted so far?

9.Bharti Wal-Mart, the joint venture of the American retailer and India’s Bharti Enterprises, is opening it’s First Indian store at ________?
(B)New Delhi

10.Recently Iran and Pakistan were reported to have signed on the pipeline agreement bilaterally , however India too was a party in the $7 billion Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project. What was India’s major issue regarding this project?
(A)India is now not looking for sources of gas to ensure energy security
(B)India has issues with Pakistan including security of the pipeline.
(C)India has issue of transit fee and transportation cost as well with Iran and Pakistan

11.Recently , the Union cabinet has given its go ahead for the appointment of the directors of the new IITs who were selected by the search committee. How many IITs government had started last year ?

Prof U B Desai, Prof M K Surappa, Prof Sudhir Kumar Jain, Prof Prem Kumar Kalra, Prof Madhusudan Chakroborty and Prof Anil Bhowmick will head the IITs at Hyderabad, Ropar, Gandhinagar, Rajasthan, Bhubaneswar and Patna respectively.

12.How many Indians have found a place in the league of 40 rising stars in the European wealth management industry, compiled by, an online news and analysis service for the global wealth management industry?

13.The newly appointed Railway Minister Mamta Banarjee has recently announced special monthly passes at Rs 20 for those with monthly income below ____?
(A)Rs 1000
(B)Rs. 500
(C)Rs. 750

14.Recently two leading banks have sought permission from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to buy gold from retail investors. Which are those two banks?

15.According to a survey by global consultancy firm, The Nielsen, two companies of India have emerged as the country’s most admired companies for their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Which are these two companies?
(A)Tata & Reliance
(B)ICICI Bank & Reliance
(C)Tata & ICICI Bank

16.India on May 25, 2009 became the first country in South Asia to own an Airborne Early Warning and Control System, called ‘an eye in the sky’, with the Phalcon arriving at the Jamnagar airbase. The Phalcons arrived from __________?
(C)United States

17.On May 14, he was felicitated in the UK as the British Council’s International Young Music Entrepreneur of the year, beating out eight of the world’s best and brightest young music entrepreneurs . What is his name?
(A)Vijay Nair
(B)David Deane
(C)Ani Sharma

18.Who among the following is the youngest MP recently elected?
(A)Agatha Sangma
(B)Ahmad Hamdullah Sayeed
(C)Mausam Noor

19.The pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) announced the launch of New Pension Scheme recently for all citizens of the country. In which year PFRDA was established?

20.As per the official data , India’s merchandise export plummeted by _________in dollar terms in march 2009?

21.The flight test of ASTRA Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missile was recently carried out successfully . What does Beyond Visual Range means here?
(A)capable of engaging at ranges beyond 37 Kilometers
(B)capable of engaging at ranges beyond 20 Kilometers
(C)capable of engaging at ranges beyond 39 kilometers

22.Who among the following has been conferred Nikkei Asia Prize for year 2009?
(A)Dr. Man Mohan Singh
(B)Kiran Mazumadar Shaw
(C)N R Narayanmurthy

23.The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) troika recently held a meeting at New Delhi. Who was the leader of Indian Delegation?
(A)Vivek Katju
(B)V S Sampath
(C)H S Puri

24.India recently officially destroyed its entire cache of chemical and organic weapons. India has become world’s _________country to do so.

25.As per a recent report by TRAI, which mobile service provider becomes the first Indian Service provider to cross the 10 crore subscriber base?
(B)Bharti Airtel

26.Who among the following is winner of Rome masters Title final of the 2009 edition at Rome?
(A)Rafael Nadal
(B)Novak Djokovic
(C)Yuki Bhabhri

27.Jose Manuel Brasa recently signed a contract with Sports Authority of India as chief hockey coach of India. He belongs to________?

28.Saurav Ghosal is related to which of the following sports?

29.Recently Alexander Areshchenko has clinched the title of 2nd Mumbai Mayors Cup International Open Chess Tournament in Mumbai. He belongs to ______?

30.Who is the first ever Indian Racer to take part in Germany’s famous four hour 1000 Berge Trophy Road race in Germany ?
(A)Dilip Rogger
(B)Karun Chandhok
(C)Rahul Banerjee

31.Which country has won Asia Cup Hockey Final?
(B)South Korea

32.Sudiraman Cup is related to which sports?

33.What was India’s foreign Exchange Reserves on January 2, 2009?
(A)$ 255.24 billion
(B)$ 247.54 billion
(C)$ 252.54 billion

34.Who among the following is the Chairman of 13th Finance Commission?
(A)Vijai L Kelker
(B)C Rangrajan
(C)Y S P Thorat

35.Tax rebates under section 88 was recommended by which among the following committees?
(A)Chelliah Committee
(B)Kelkar Committee
(C)Rangrajan Committee

36.Where will be the headquarters of SAARC University ?
(C)New Delhi

37.Up to what fraction FDI in defense sector is allowed in India?

38.Using Open Market Operations Transaction, RBI wished to actually regulate______ ?
(B)Liquidity in Economy

39.Government of India earns maximum revenue from which of the following?
(A)Income Tax
(B)Excise Duty
(C)Customs Duty

40.Use of price sensitive corporate information by the company people to make gains or cover losses is called as____________?
(A)Future Trading
(B)Insider Trading
(C)Currency Trading

41.Which among the following is not a debt instrument?
(A)CD (Certificate of Deposits ) & CP ( Commercial Papers)

42.Recommendation on ” Financial Inclusion” were given by which of the following committee?
(A)Rakesh Mohan Committee
(B)Rangrajan Committee
(C)kelker Committee

43.India has a civil nuclear deal with _______ ?
(A)US & France
(B)US, France & Canada
(C)US, France & Russia

44.Which among the following countries has agreed to provide maximum contribution to SAARC Food Bank ?
(C)Sri Lanka

45.The green haired leopard ” Zakhumi” is the mascot of which of the following sports event in 2010?
(A)Olympic Games
(B)SAARC Games
(C)FIFA World Cup

46.Abhisit Wechachiwa is Prime Minister of _____?
(C)North Korea

47.Who among the following has been appointed as US envoy to India?
(A)Patricia Butenis
(B)Timothy Roemer
(C)John Roos

48.Which among the following cities has maintained its top position among 7 Uts and 28 states of India in having highest per capita income?
(B)New Delhi

49.What is India’s rank in the world as producer, processor, consumer and exporter of Cashew?

India & Vietnam have been struggling for last few years for number one position in the world in Cashew Production and exports. The source on wikipedia says Vietnam is largest producer of cashew (961000 Tonnes) followed by Nigeria & India.(June 11, 2008) . However as per Cashew Exports Promotin Council of India, India has retained its leadership position in cashew exports in 2007-08 by exporting 1,14,340 tonnes valued at Rs 2289 crore. Vietnam and Brazil (not Nigeria) are closely behind India in exports.

Most Recent Update from Financial Express: 13.3.09 : According to export figures provided by the cashew export promotion council for the first eleven months of the financial year 2008-09, India exported 99,348 tonne of cashew kernels valued at Rs 2,719.79 crore as against 1,03,139 tonne valued at Rs 2,033.88 crore during April-February 2007-08. The performance of the current financial year is 33% higher by value and 3.6% lower by volume, when compared with the same period of last financial year. In dollar terms, the exports performance is seen higher by 18%.

During 2007-08, India exported 1,14,340 tonne of cashew valued at Rs 2,288.90 crore as against 1,18,540 tonne valued at Rs 2,456.15 crore in 2006-07. As against 2007-08, Indian exports started the current financial year on a bright note. Export defaults by Vietnamese exporters saw attention shifting back to India. At the same period price of cashew was soaring high on a reported shortage. Indian exporters’ signed contracts above $7 per kg of cashew. The euphoria was short-lived as the global meltdown began to affect export volumes. Big volume buyers were seen cutting short volumes and surviving on the bare-minimum inventory. Cashew being a premium commodity has been the worst hit in the global recession. Link

50.What was Minimum Support Price for Wheat for 2008-09 crops? (per quintal on 30 January 2009)
(A)Rs. 1000
(B)Rs. 1080
(C)Rs. 1100


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