Quiz 123: General Science- Basic Astronomy Questions for SSC Exams

1. The scientists have discovered that Milky Way is having two components, the disc and spherical. What may be the central object of Milky Way?
[A] A Black Hole
[B] A Neuron star
[C] Vaccum
[D] A Large Magellanic Cloud

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2. The Magellanic Clouds are visible from ___?
[A] Northern hemisphere
[B] Southern hemisphere
[C] Both Northern hemisphere & Southern hemisphere
[D] Neither Northern nor Southern Hemisphere

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3. The “Planetoids” are located between which among the following?
[A] Mars and Jupiter
[B] Saturn & Jupiter
[C] Mercury and Venus
[D] Earth & Mars

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4. The only planet that shows phases is _________?
[A] Earth
[B] Venus
[C] Jupiter
[D] Saturn

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5. Which among the following is Brightest star?
[A] Sirius
[B] Alpha centauri
[C] Proxima Centauri
[D] Polaris

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6. Which among the following two gases contribute to begin the formation of stars?
[A] Hydrogen & Nitrogen
[B] Hydrogen & Helium
[C] Hydrogen & Oxygen
[D] Nitrogen & Helium

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7. Apart from Saturn which of the following possess planetary possess ring systems of their own?
[A] Jupiter only
[B] Jupiter, Uranus & Neptune
[C] Jupiter & Uranus
[D] Jupiter & Neptune

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8. Aurorae are produced by the collision of charged particles from Earth’s magnetosphere which arise due to __?
[A] Solar winds
[B] Ozone layer
[C] Radio waves
[D] Ionosphere

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9. What name has been given to the places around and between two gravitationally bound bodies where a third object could stay stationary relative to the other two?
[A] Lagrangian point
[B] Ephemeris
[C] Lissajous
[D] Apside

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10. What is approximate diameter of Milky Way?
[A] 1000 light years
[B] 10000 light years
[C] 100000 light years
[D] 1000000 Light Years

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