General Knowledge Today : Quiz 58 : For UPSC Exams

Q- Which element causes ” Minimata” disease?
Q- It is duty of the Union Government to protect the states against external aggression and internal disturbance. Which article says this?
Q- On a specific day temperature of place A is 48degree and B is 24degree . Two identical metallic cups containing water at 95 degree and 71
degree at places A & B respectively. Which one reach room temperature first? Q- Which prize was won by ” Arvind Adiga” in 2008?
Q- ” Four Star General ” rank is found in which country’s Army ?
Q- When milk is changed to curd, which acid gets formed?
Q- Guru Shikhar Peak is at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. What is height?
Q- ” Archaeopteryx” is a connecting link between two major classes of animals. What are these classes?
Q- ” Port Pradeep” is located in which state?
Q- ” Mangla Bhagyam” , ” Shakti” & “Aishwarya” what are these ??
Q- Which compound in main constituent of ” Pearl” ?
Q- ” Finger Lake Region ” is in which country??
Q- Who is the author of ” Ashtadhyayi” ?
Q- ” Atlas Mountains ” are in which continent?
Q- What happens to the boiling point & freezing point of water when salt is added to it?
Q- There is an art style in India which is a mix of Indian and Greek style. What is the name given to it?
Q- A pigment of the retina that is responsible for both the formation of the photoreceptor cells and the first events in the perception of light.
Q- The first ever DNA bank of Asia has come up with which city??
Q- Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP), is a nodal agency that promotes investment in which state in India?
Q- ” Golden Rice” is part of the solution Biofortified rice as a contribution to the alleviation of life-threatening micronutrient deficiencies in
developing countries. Which micronutrient mainly?? Q- Which country has world’s youngest ” King” ?
Q- What is the common name of Psyllium Husk or Planto Ovata??
Q- Among Forest , Grassland, Desert and Marine, which ecosystem is most stable?
Q- Increase in concentration of a substance, such as the pesticide DDT, that occurs in a food chain. What is the name of this phenomena?
Q- ” Alum” is used in cleaning the muddy water. Which process takes place in this?

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