General Knowledge Today : Quiz 37

1. Who was the first Muslim revolutionary hanged for India’s Independence?

2. Who made the suggestion first to boycott British Goods?

3. Mahatma Gandhi returned which title given by British Government , during NonCooperation Movement?

4. There was one national party which didn’t support "Quit India Movement". Which One?

5. Rowlett Act was passed in which year?

6. Non cooperation movement was launched in which year?

7. On what date quit India Movement began?

8. In which year Queen Victoria declared Indian Administration taken over by British Crown?

9. Who was the viceroy when Partition of Bengal taken back?

10. In the Indus valley culture , which one was the Port City?

11. "Bhabru" is related to which King?

12. Whose Samadhi is built in "Nandel"?

13. What is "Mossad" ?

14. "Modvat" is related to which duty?

15. Whose sign is beared by Ru.1 Note?

16. Vladivostok and Lenin Grad are the terminal stations of which railway line?

17. Where is Saddle Peak?

18. Which element is found in abundant in Red Blood Cells?

19. Pascal is a unit of measuring?

20. "Munda" is a primitive tribe. Where is found?

21. What does "Chhotanagpur" mean?

22. Which organ produces "Bile" ?

23. "Cyber knife" is related to which disease?

24. What is "Lucy" ?

25. The highest precise clocks based upon light are called?


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