Quiz 420 : General Knowledge For All Public Service Examinations

1.What is the number of synthetic elements in periodic Table?

2.Buckeyballs are basically the allotropes of _________?

3.Which among the following allotropes of Oxygen is found in 6 phases under various pressures and temperatures?
(B)Tetra oxygen
(D)None of them

4.Ekaboron was an element predicted by Mendeleev and he leaved a space for it in his Periodic Table. Later Ekaboron was identified with _____?

5.Which among the following were not discovered by the time , Mendeleev published his periodic table?
(C)Noble Gases

6.How many elements of the 8th period have been synthesized by 2010?

7.Which among the following first increases than decreases in a Period of a periodic table?
(A)metallic property
(B)Chemical Reactiveness
(D)Electron affinity

8.In which country is located the Acasta Gneiss ?

9.Which among the following is a correct Chronological Order of periods in the Geological Time Scale?
(A)Ordovician, Permian, Jurassic, Paleogene
(B) Jurassic, Paleogene, Ordovician, Permian,
(C)Permian, Ordovician, Jurassic, Paleogene
(D)Ordovician, Permian,Paleogene, Jurassic,

10.Consider the following:
1. Sodium
2. Potassium
Which among the above plays vital role in restoring the body fluid?
(A)1 only
(B)2 only
(C)Both 1 & 2
(D)Neither 1 nor 2

11.Which among the following is used in preparing windows for X-Ray Tubes ?

12.What fraction of Body’s calcium is stored in Bones and teeth?

13.Which among the following is a Plurinational State officially ?

14.Which among the following country comes just after India, in terms of Area?

15.which among the following events on earth led to formation of most of the minerals found today?
(A)Great Oxygenation Event
(B)Cambrian-Ordovician extinction Event
(C)K T Event
(D)Permian-Triassic extinction” event

16.What is rank of Earth in Solar system in terms of mean Radius?

17.In which of the following era began the Self replicating RNA molecules on Earth ?
(A)Basin Era
(B)Nectarian Era
(C)Early Imbrian
(D)Cryptic Era

18.During which period the Continental Drift has almost stopped?
(A)Quaternary Period
(B)Neogene Period
(C)Paleogene Period
(D)Cenozoic Era

19.Which among the following protocols is known to have ended the Civil War in Angola?
(A)Lusaka Protocol
(B)Alvor Agreement
(C)Bicesse Accords
(D)Brazzaville Protocol

20.At which among the following places first governmental meeting on tiger conservation was held in 2009?
(A)Kua Lalumpur

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  • Anonymous

    Rajasthan is the no1 oil producing state in india

  • tushar

    5 correct of 10 attempts

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    Uttarpradesh is the numero uno rice producing state in India

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    10 correct out of 14 attempts