Quiz 361: International Current Affairs for Civil Services Examinations

1.On April 1, 2010, which of the following countries has launched CRCEES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme) , a new mandatory scheme which envisages to force some 5,000 companies to monitor and report their energy usage and related carbon emissions?
(A)United States

2.As per the the recent Copenhagen Accord, the governments will work to combat climate change “recognizing the scientific view that the increase in global temperature should be below 2 degrees Celsius” (3.6 Fahrenheit). In this context, which of the following statement hold true?
1. Temperatures have already risen by about 0.7 Celsius since before the Industrial Revolution
2. The Accord has set greenhouse gas goals for reaching the 2 degrees C
3. As per this accord Developed nations promised new and additional funds “approaching $30 billion for 2010-12” to help developing countries.
(A)1 only is correct
(B)1 & 2 are correct
(C)2 & 3 are correct
(D)1 & 3 are correct
(E)3 is only correct

3.As per the Copenhagen Accord, the developed nations have promised new and additional funds for 2010-12 to help developing countries. What is the approximate size of this fund?
(A)$ 30 Billion
(B)$ 50 Billion
(C)$ 60 Billion
(D)$ 100 Billion
(E)None of them

4.In the Recent times, which among the following options has been an issue where United States President Barak Obama’s Republican opponents have backed himfor his policy?
(A)Obama’s Healthcare Reforms
(B)Obama’s Iraq Policy
(C)Obama’s Afghan Policy
(D)Obama’s Foreign policy
(E)None of them

5.Which among the following is the ” official national anthem of Australia”?
(A)God save the Queen
(B)Advance Australia Fair
(C)Waltzing Matilda
(D)Song of Australia
(E)O Australia

6.Which among the following is a debt stricken European Country’ whose parliament passed the Economy Protection Bill in March 2010 which is expected to save €4.8 billion?

7.In which year Google had launched its china site Google.cn?

8. Timothy Geithner, who is currently visiting some Asian Countries including India , holds the following office in United States Government?
(A)Secretary of State
(B)Secretary of the Treasury
(C)Secretary of the Interior
(D)Secretary of Commerce
(E)Secretary of Energy

9.Which among the following international credit rating agencies have given Baa3 rating to India which means stable in outlook?
(A)Standard & Poor’s
(E)None of the above

10.Mykola Azarov has been appointed as Prime Minister of which of the following countries in March 2010?

11.Which of the following straits connects the Pacific Ocean to the east with the Indian Ocean to the west, linking Asia with the Middle East and Europe, carrying about 40 percent of the world’s trade?
(A)Malacca Strait
(B)Bali Strait
(C)Badung Strait
(D)Lombok Strait
(E)Alas Strait

12.From the following options bring out the one, on which currently there is maximum cooperation (and minimum confrontation ) between China and United States?
(A)Currency & Debt Issue
(B)Trade & Investment Issue
(C)Tibet & Taiwan Issue
(D)Military and Economic Influence
(E)North Korea’s Nuclear Power programme

13.Until a few years ago, United States was Chile’s largest trading partner. However recently, United states has lost ground to China. This is because China is hungry for which of the following commodities of Chile?

14.Most of the Food Crops of Africa are _________?
(A)Cereal Crops
(B)Root Crops
(C)Cash Crops
(D)Oil Crops
(E)Vegetable Crops

15.As per the latest data (2009 ) from the CIA fact book, what is the population of world’s smallest populated country – Vatican City?

16.Which among the following is not a missile of Pakistan?

17.Ouagadougou is the capital of which of the following countries? (It is also known as Ouaga)
(A)Burkina Faso
(E)None of them

18.As per the WHO data, which among the following comes at top in the top 10 causes of death all over world?
(A)Trachea, bronchus, lung cancers
(B)Coronary heart disease
(C)Lower respiratory infections
(E)None of them

19.Which of the following European governments recently (March 2010) collapsed on a dispute over extending the country’s NATO mission in Afghanistan?

20.By which name the United Principalities of Moldavia and Walachia are known as today?
(E)None of them

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