Quiz 360: GK for All Examinations

On which of the planets / satellites the weight of a person will be maximum?
Which among the following is correct regarding the alkaline battery ?
Consider the following statements: 
  1. The charter act of 1813 allowed the Christian missionaries to spread their religious ideas in India. 
  2. The East India Company , for the first time acknowledged the state responsibility for promotion of Education India
Which among the above statements are correct ?
Who among the following made English the court language replacing the Persian Language?
Consider the following Statements: 
  1. The sole purpose of Wood’s dispatch was to promote Western education through English Language at rural level 
  2. Universities at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras were established under the Wood’s Dispatch 
Which among the above statements are correct :
In which year General committee of Public Instruction was replaced by a Council of education?
Which among the following universities were not set up under Sadler Commission of 1917?
  1. Patna University 
  2. Osmania University 
  3. Aligarh Muslim University
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
Consider the following statements;
  1. kheda satyagraha was Gandhi Ji’s first real Peasant Satyagraha
  2. Vallabh Bhai Patel was the gift of the Kheda Satyagraha to the country 
  3. The government issued secret instructions of recovering the revenue from all the peasants weather they are able to pay or not
Which among the above statements are correct :
Consider the following incidences: 
  1. Foundation of Muslim league
  2. Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre
  3. Khilafat Movement 
  4. Civil Disobedience Movement
Arrange the above in Correct Chronological order:
Headquarters of Anushilan Samiti was located at:


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