Quiz 339: General Awareness & Current Affairs : Business & Economy for Banking Examinations

1.Recently we read in the newspapers, that Reserve Bank of India is coming up soon with draft guidelines on the compensation packages of private sector bank chiefs. This move of the RBI is aimed at aligning the salary structures with business performance. This is our central bank’s response to the concerns expressed over the high compensation packages of top bank executives at which of the following summits?
(A)2008 G-20 Washington summit
(B)2009 G-20 London summit
(C)2009 G-20 Pittsburgh summit
(D)2008 Colombo SAARC summit
(E)2009 Beijing SCO summit

2.Government of India has set up some Commercial Offices abroad functioning in the Indian Missions which provide the institutional framework and are meant to promote India’s trade and economic exchanges with the world. By the end of 2009, what is the number of such commercial offices of India?

3.Focus-ASEAN+2 is one of the programmes of the Government of India for promotion of its exports to select region. Apart from Asean the two countries which are denoted by +2 in this programme are which of the following?
(A)China & Hog Kong
(B)Malaysia & Philippines
(C)Australia & New Zealand
(D)Japan & South Korea
(E)South Korea and Sri Lanka

4.After disintegration of former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), 15 countries came into existence. Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which was established in 1991, is successor body to the USSR, formed to ensure continued cooperation in trade and military policy and recognition of borders. However only 12 countries are known as CIS today and rest 3 are called Baltic States. which among the following are Baltic States?
Note: Since 18 August 2009, Georgia has formally withdrawn from the CIS countries.
(A)Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia
(B)Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia
(C)Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
(D)Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus
(E)Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan

5.How many of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries are covered by India’s Focus CIS programme for trade promotion which was launched in 2003?

6.Asian Productivity Organization (APO) is an inter-governmental body of which the Government of India is a founder member. The mission of Asian Productivity Organization is to enable its 20 members spread across Asia and pacific to achieve greater socioeconomic development through the
strategy of increasing productivity in all economic sectors. Where is based this organization?
(D)Hong Kong

7.In which year Government of India set up Tariff Commission as an independent expert committee to recommend appropriate tariff levels keeping in mind the larger economic interests of the country?

8.If a person joins the New Pension Scheme with a minimum contribution of Rs 1,000 and a maximum contribution of Rs 12,000 per annum during financial year 2010-11, how much amount will be contributed by the Central Government in his/her account for a year?
(A)Rs. 500
(B)Rs. 1000
(C)Rs. 1500
(D)Rs. 1200
(E)Rs. 2000

9.What name has been given to the apex-level organization charged with the responsibility of monitoring macroeconomic and prudential supervision of the economy, including the functioning of large financial conglomerates as announced in the Union Budget 2010-11?
(A)Financial Stability and Development Commission
(B)Financial Stability and Development Council
(C)Financial Monitoring Authority
(D)Financial Stability and Development Monitoring Authority
(E)None of them

10.As we read in the budget news in various newspapers that Government of India is planning to place GST from April 2011. The 13th Finance Commission, in its recent report, has asked the government to set aside how much amount to compensate the states for revenue losses on account of GST
(A)Rs. 40,000 Crore
(B)Rs. 50,000 Crore
(C)Rs. 70,000 Crore
(D)Rs. 80,000 Crore
(E)Rs. 100,000 Crore

11.Who among the following is to head the eight-member committee appointed recently by the ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation to discuss the draft guidelines of government’s ambitious Rajiv Awas Yojanawhich aims to make the country slum-free?
(A)Aroon Purie
(B)Prannoy Roy
(C)Ashok Chawla
(D)Deepak Parekh
(E)None of them

12.The Top 3 cities with Highest per Capita Income in the Country are as follows:
(A)Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh
(B)Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai
(C)Chandigarh, Mumbai, Delhi
(D)Chandigarh, Goa, Delhi
(E)Chandigarh, Delhi, Goa

13.Recently we read in the newspapers that Reserve Bank of India is planning to amend its rules to control the non banking finance companies (NBFCs) from misusing the liberal rules governing limited liability partnership (LLP) firms as more and more NBFC turning themselves to LLPs. Which
among the following is the most appropriate reasons why the LLPs are getting so much popular among these NBFCs?
(A)Because LLPs are introduced and promoted by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
(B)Because LLPs have easier winding up procedures and the liability of a partner is limited to the extent of his or her contribution to the LLP.
(C)Because LLPs are easy to introduce and start a business and little capital is required to start a LLP
(D)Since the LLPs are promoted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, they involve some facilities and sops by the government which are not available to NBFC
(E)The Rules of Business for LLPs are simpler and they are having lesser control of the Reserve Bank of India

14.Recently PADA deal of UK was in news as the Conservative Party of UK says that it will bring the UK Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA) deal under review if comes to the power in elections in UK which are scheduled to held after 6 months. The deal is worth £ 600 million and is to administer the National Employee Savings Trust (NEST) scheme for 10 years. Which of the following companies of India has been awarded this deal?
(B)Oracle Financial Services Software
(C)Infosys Technologies
(D)Tata Consultancy Services
(E)Mahindra Satyam

15.Who among the following is the founder of Qualified Learning Systems Inc?
(A)Ram Charan
(B)Shiv Khera
(C)Vijay Govindarajan
(D)C K Prahalad
(E)Bala Balachandran

16.Which of the following company acquired online photo-editing site Picnik recently?
(B)Google Inc.
(E)None of them

17.What is India’s rank among 134 countries in the Gender Gap Index 2009 released by World Economic Forum?

18.As per the
‘, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>Corporate Gender Gap
report released by WEF (World Economic Forum) on March 8, 2010, what is the percentage of women employees in India ?

19.Recently Liveability Index 2010 prepared jointly by CII and Institute for Competitiveness was released. Which among the following city tops this list of 37 countries mapped in the list, prepared on parameters like living standard, socio-cultural environment, education, medical standards and recreational possibilities ?

20.Which of the following personalities from India is among 19 members chosen by UN chief Ban Ki-moon for a high-level advisory group on Climate Change Financing tasked with mobilizing funds pledged during the Copenhagen meet to tackle global warming? (March 5, 2010)
(A)Shyam Saran
(B)Montek Singh Ahluwalia
(C)Chandrashekhar Dasgupta
(D)Pradipto Ghosh
(E)Ajay Mathur

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