Quiz 217: Geography for UPSC examinations

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1. Which of the following two countries have largest electrified railway network in the world?
[A] Russia & US
[B] US & China
[C] Russia & China
[D] India & US

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2. Which of the following rivers makes the eastern border of France?
[A] Rhine
[B] Meuse
[C] Yeser
[D] Thames

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3. Through which of the following pass the river Satluj enters India from Tibet?
[A] Shipki La
[B] Nama pass
[C] Tanglang La
[D] Zojila

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4. Saddle Peak National Park is located in which of the following Union Territories ?
[A] Lakshadweep
[B] Pondicherry
[C] Andaman and Nicobar
[D] Daman & Diu

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5. Which among the following rivers does not flow into Arabian Sea?
[A] Narmada
[B] Tapi
[C] Sabarmati
[D] Godavari

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6. Which among the following rivers rises from the Milam Glacier in Kumaon Himalaya?
[A] Sharda
[B] Ramganga
[C] Gori Ganga
[D] Yamuna

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7. Which among the following is the only tributary river of Ganga that rises in the plains and not in hills is?
[A] Gandak
[B] Gomiti
[C] Ramganga
[D] None of the above

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8. Which among the following is known as ” Doctor Wind”?
[A] Loo
[B] Chinook
[C] Harmattan
[D] None of the above

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9. Which among the following type of soil has the largest area covered in India?
[A] Alluvial
[B] Black
[C] Red
[D] Laterite

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10. Zawar mines are located in which state:
[A] Rajasthan
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Maharastra

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    Q 14 : Amazon is also mostly included as evergreen forest. The choices are very close.

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    what is the source of Q10. i read R.CTiwari geography of india and it says 43% of area is alluvial soil. please clarify

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