Quiz 131 (update): Current Affairs May 2012

1. The price index is constructed to measure inflation on the basis of an overall rate of price increase by assigning different weights to different items. Which among the following items would have the highest weight in Indian circumstances?
[A]Wheat / Rice
[D]Imported Liquor

Wheat / Rice
Wheat or rice, which everybody consumes on a daily basis, will have a relatively high weight, whereas glass would have a low weight. Prices of items with a large weight would be more crucial in determining the overall average than those that have low or negligible weights.

2. Which among the following state is the host of 2nd Sustainable Mountain Development Summit held in May 2012?
[C]Arunachal Pradesh


3. Who among the following has written Bidrohi, the one of the most famous Bengali poem?
[A]Rabindranath Tagore
[B]Bankim Chandra Chattopadhhyaya
[C]Kazi Nazrul Islam
[D] Sambhunath Pandit

Kazi Nazrul Islam
Bidrohi is one of the most famous Bengali poems, written by Kazi Nazrul Islam in December, 1921. It was first collected in 1922 in a volume titled Agnibeena: the first anthology of Nazrul’s poems.

4. Public sector Bird group of Companies is under which among the following ministries?
[A]Coal Ministry
[B]Petroleum Ministry
[C]Steel Ministry
[D]Ministry of Commerce

Steel Ministry

5. In which among the following three countries, Polio remains endemic as per WHO currently?
[A]India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
[B]Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria
[C]Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan
[D]Sudan, Afghanistan, Nigeria

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria
World Health Organisation is to declare polio a global health emergency as it battles complacency in an attempt to eradicate the deadly virus forever. Polio remains endemic in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria as there have recently been outbreaks in countries once declared polio free. Even as the world celebrates India’s success in stopping active polio virus circulation, the threat of importation is worrying countries across the world (AIR)

6. Who among the following heads the five member expert panel to review methodology of poverty estimates?
[A]Bimal Jalan
[B]Dr. C Rangarajan
[C]Dr. M Govinda Rao
[D]Vijay Shankar Vyas

Dr. C Rangarajan
Government has announced to set up a five member expert panel to review methodology of poverty estimates. The panel will be headed by Prime minister’s economy advisory council chairman Dr. C Rangarajan. The panel will comprehensively review the existing methodology of estimation of poverty and examine whether the poverty line should be fixed solely in terms of a consumption basket.

7. The Economic Advisory Council has been established in India as per ____?
[A]Constitution of India
[B]An act of parliament
[C]An ordinance promulgated by President
[D]None of them

None of them
Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (PMEAC) is a non-constitutional, non-permanent and independent body constituted to give economic advice to the Government of India, specifically the Prime Minister.

8. Which among the following is generally called a talk shop?
[A]World Trade Organization
[B]World Economic Forum
[C]World Health Organization
[D]World Bank

World Economic Forum

9. Which among the following states has recently decided to repeal it’s State Special Economic Zone Act?
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[C]West Bengal

West Bengal

10. Which among the following is India’s first state to initiate a project to reclaim eroded land by a river?
[C]West Bengal

Assam government will soon start a project to reclaim parts of the land eroded by river. The low -cost project will be implemented at Sualkuchi area in Kamrup district as pilot basis with the support of Asian Development Bank. Assam will be the first state to initiate a project to reclaim eroded land. The state has 44 erosion prone rivers in Brahmaputra valley. Assam lost an area of 4 lakh bighas of land in the last 40 years due to erosion. (AIR)

11. As per the latest estimates of International Labor Organization , approximately what fraction of young people world-wide, are currently unemployed?


12. A recently released white paper on black money said that government should develop a nationwide real estate data base, introduce TDS on sale of property and set up electronic payment system to curb the black money in real estate sector. Real estate sector accounts for what fraction of India’s GDP?


13. Victoria Azarenka plays which among the following sports?
[B]Table Tennis

Tennis World’s number 1 at present (May 2012)

14. Maria Sharapova has recently retained which among the following title?
[A]Italian Open
[B]French Open
[C]Swiss Open
[D]None of them

Italian Open

15. Sarajevo is the capital of ___?
[C]Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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