Quiz 338: General Awareness : International

1.Hubbert peak theory is related to which of the following?
(A)Nuclear Energy
(C)Currency Trade
(E)None of them

2.Against which of the following nations, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747 was adopted unanimously by the United Nations Security Council on 24 March 2007 against this country’s Nuclear Ambitions?
(B)North Korea
(E)None of them

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1696, demanding Iran halts its enrichment programme, 31 July 2006
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1737, imposing initial sanctions on Iranian nuclear imports and exports., 23 December 2006 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1747 broadened sanctions to cover a ban on Iranian arms exports in March 2007
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803: criticized Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, and urged governments to exercise “vigilance” against Iranian people and banks suspected of involvement in illicit nuclear activities. March 2008′, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>Some Resolutions against Iran

3.Which among the following organization issues letters of assist?
(A)United Nations
(B)World Bank
(C)International Monetary Fund
(D)World Economic Forum
(E)None of them

4.Who among the following is TIME’s Person of the year 2009?
(A)Barak Obama
(B)Vladimir Putin
(C)Ben Bernanke
(D)Bill Gates
(E)Dalai Lama

5.Who among the following American author is known for his works Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Travels, Sphere, Rising Sun, Disclosure, The Lost World, Airframe, Timeline, Prey, State of Fear, Next?
(A)Stephen Hunter
(B)Michael Crichton
(C)Thomas Harris
(D)Scott Nicholson
(E)None of them

6.Which among the following American Global Financial Firm was founded by siblings Henry, Emanuel and Mayer?
(B)Lehman Brothers
(C)Washington Mutual
(D)New Century Financial Corporation
(E)None of them

7.Édgar Enrique Hernández, who has been dubbed as patient zero from the 2009 swine flu outbreak belonged to which of the following country?
(E)None of them

8.Walk the World is an awareness campaign of which of the following UN agencies?
(A)United nations Environment programme
(B)United Nations Institute for Training and Research
(C)World Food Programme
(D)United Nations Children’s Fund
(E)United Nations Population Fund

9.Who among the following Indians is the winner of United Nations Environment Programme established Champions of the Earth award for 2009?
(A)Tulsi Tanti
(B)Bindeshwar Pathak
(C)Meera Kosambi
(D)Sunderlal Bahuguna
(E)None of them

10.In which year Physical coins and banknotes were introduced for the first time in Euro?

11.Out of the present 16 members of the Eurozone, how many adopted Euro when Eurozone came into existence with the official launch of the euro on 1 January 1999?

12.Which among the following country is the latest member of Eurozone?

13.Martin Scorsese, an American Director and Producer was presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures in which of the following ceremonies in January 2010?
(A)BAFTA Awards
(B)Oscar Awards
(C)67th Golden Globe Awards
(D)Academy Award
(E)None of them

14.Which of the following Oil Producing Africa country fulfills India’s 20 to 25 percent of domestic oil demand?
(E)None of them

15.On June 28, 2009, President Manuel Zelaya was deposed in a military coup. He was president of ___?
(E)El Salvador

16.The need for ships to round the Cape Horn was greatly reduced by the opening of which of the following canals?
(A)Panama Canal
(B)Suez Canal
(C)Kiel Canal
(D)Volga–Don Canal
(E)Non of the above

17.Approximately what fraction of world’s sugarcane is produced by Brazil?

18.Which of the following Prime Minister is known for his “Iron Curtain Speech”?
(A)Clement Attlee
(B)Neville Chamberlain
(C)Winston Churchill
(D)Herbert Morrison
(E)None of them

19.Commonwealth of Nations which is normally called Commonwealth is an intergovernmental organisation of how many independent member states?

20.Which among the following international treaty or protocol bans all mining in Antarctica, designating the continent as a natural reserve devoted to peace and science?
(A)Antractica Treaty System
(B)Antarctic Conservation Act
(D)Antarctic-Environmental Protocol
(E)None of them

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    sir if u can provide basics regarding constitution and how assemblies of state are formed etc,it will be very useful

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    some remembered questions of sbi associate banks
    GK held on 07/03/2010

    >tendulkar committee report on BPL hw much %age 37%
    >rediscover of india book written by meghnad saha
    >train 2 pakistan book is by khushwant sigh but ans fr that is none of these
    >india signed a nuclear pact with canada @ commonwealth head meeting nation side by side
    > one question was on tobin tax
    >RECENTLY USA supplied fighter planes to which country –> PAKISTAN

    >one question was on HTML
    >Full form of HTML
    >User friendly layout is front end progrmin ,bckend prgmin,form none of these i wasnt knowin this had doubt on frnt end and form