Quiz 323: General Studies for PCS Exams.

1. In context with the RBI, NDS is an electronic platform for facilitating dealing in Government Securities and Money Market Instruments. What does NDS stand for__?

[A] National Depository System
[B] Negotiated Dealing System
[C] National Dealing System
[D] Negotiable Deals System

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2. What is the name of reserve Bank of India’s VSAT based communication system which is used for financial transaction between banks?


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3. Debt financing that can magnify the risk and reward for an investment are called as follows:

[A] Reward risk
[B] Derivative
[C] Leverage
[D] Investment strategy

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4. Which of the following sectors is regulated by IRDA ?

[A] Insurance
[B] Industry
[C] Finance
[D] Investment

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5. The monetary aggregates M1, M2 & M3 have been modified by Reserve Bank of India on the basis of recommendation of ___?

[A] Dave Panel
[B] Y V Reddy Committee
[C] V Vaghul Committee
[D] Narsimhamam Committee

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6. Which among the following is the first pillar of Basel II accord?

[A] minimum capital requirements
[B] supervisory review
[C] market discipline
[D] Regulatory arbitrage

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7. Recommendations of first Finance Commission covered which of the following periods?

[A] 1951-56
[B] 1952-57
[C] 1953-58
[D] 1954-59

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8. Which among the following is the upper limit of sound advice of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for residential areas?

[A] 55 Decibels
[B] 60 Decibels
[C] 75 Decibels
[D] 90 Decibels

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9. Which of the following measures of money supply is called aggregate monetary resources ?

[A] M1
[B] M2
[C] M3
[D] M4

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10. From the following bring out the one which is not a liability of a commercial bank?

[A] Time Deposits
[B] Borrowing from saving banks
[C] Security Holdings
[D] Demand deposits

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