Quiz 185: GK for Banking Examination

1. Which among the following is the apex organization of Industrial Finance in India?

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2. E-chaupal is a rural marketing network of which of the following ?
[A] ITC Ltd
[C] India agronet

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3. Open market Operation by RBI are the part of its ?
[A] Fiscal Policy
[B] Credit Policy
[C] Income Policy
[D] None of the above

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4. During which five year plan The Khadi and Village Industries Commission was established ?
[A] 1st
[B] 2nd
[C] 3rd
[D] 4th

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5. First NAM summit was held in which country?
[A] Belgrade 1961
[B] Cairo 1964
[C] Delhi 1961
[D] Algiers1961

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6. Which among the following is Incorrect regarding Mid Day Meal Scheme?
[A] It’s a social Sector programme
[B] The scheme has a long history especially in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat
[C] The program is being run by Akshaya Patra Foundation

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7. Which among the following is correct regarding Loan Syndication?
[A] More than one debtors applying for a loan to one creditor
[B] More than one creditors coming together to provide single loan
[C] More than one creditors coming together to provide multiple loans
[D] None of the above

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8. Which among the following is incorrect regarding the Indian Depository Receipts?
[A] They are derivative instruments
[B] They have shares as the underlying assets
[C] They are non-negotiable Financial instruments
[D] They are negotiable financial instruments

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9. If a state governments seeks help in reaching their targets of providing assistance to eligible institutions in agriculture and rural development, it should approach to which of the following agency ?

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10. Which among the following sentence is INCORRECT regarding Foreign Currency Non Resident (FCNR) accounts in India ?
[A] Accounts in foreign currencies (FCNR accounts) can be maintained by NRIs with authorized dealers in India.
[B] FCNR Accounts can be maintained in Pound Sterling, U.S.Dollar, Deutsche Mark, Japanese Yen and Euro
[C] FCNR accounts can be maintained only in the form of current / savings account as well as ‘term deposits’
[D] All statements are correct

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