Quiz 176: Indian Economy Questions for Banking Examinations

The provision of extra liquidity to an illiquid but a presumably solvent bank by the central bank. This function is performed by which of the following ?
Why Reserve Bank of India is called custodian of foreign balances of the country ?
Which among the following is defined by any reductions in private consumption or investment that occurs because of an increase in government spending?
The term Rolling Settlements is predominantly used in which of the following markets ?
The excess of total expenditures over total receipts is known as _____ ?
Which among the following is a correct definition of Fiscal Deficit ?
For which of the following purpose, Rajamanar Committee was constituted ?
Which among the following committee was constituted for Monetary System?
Which of the following committee was related to Foreign Direct Investment ?
Which of the following committee was constituted with focus on disinvestment ?


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    I need information regarding important days like world heritage day etc. can u tell me in which quiz will i find all these information.

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  8. Gautham

    June 1, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Fiscal Deficit is Budget Deficit PLUS market borrowings (and other liabilities). Fiscal Deficit was started in india in 1986 based on the Sukhmoy Chakravarthy Committee.

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