Quiz Central : We are shifting to Interactive Flash Quizzes

GkToday intends to shift to flash quizzes very soon. All Current Affairs Quizzes, GK Quizzes would be presented to the readers as Interactive Flash Quizzes. We intend to make the “test yourself quizzes” more interactive and so wish to make a decision regarding this. We propose to introduce “Flash Interactive quizzes” from quiz 400 onwards. The author would like his readers to please go through the samples provided here and give their feedback to [email protected] Comments are welcome, however will not be published and your views will be helpful for us to reach to an effective decision). (The quiz may take a while to load)

  • Sample 1: Swine Flu Quiz
  • Sample 2 : Business Quiz

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  1. The Indian Spirit

    May 23, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    Dear Sir,

    The exam went well. I will be waiting for the Public administration solutions as well.

    I have no idea about the cut off. But in case I get a cut off of around 280-300 Marks in both the subjects, I will be gearing up for mains preparation.

    So your advise on the cutoff is highly advisable. Now I am focusing to render my services to you as I said earlier.

    It would be much more convenient if we could use Google talk or send emails to each other.

    I would require your permission to use one of the test from GKToday.in to inculcate in the demonstration I am willing to provide you with.

    My email address is : [email protected]
    Should I contact you on [email protected] or is there an alternate email ID for communicating with you.

    High Regards,
    Ashudeep Kain


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