Quiz 383: India’s Finance, Banking & Economy for All Examinations

National Physical Laboratory is located at:
In which year the Bank of Baroda entered the capital market with an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?
Which among the following function of RBI gives most clear indication that it is Bankers’ Bank in India?
In context with banking in India, March 16, 1949 is a date which marks:
A Rs. 50 note with a * (star) in the number panel between the prefix and the serial number indicates that _________?
Consider the following:  1. International Monetary Fund 
2. Word Bank 
3. World Trade Organization
4. US Treasury Department 
5. US Federal Bank  Which among the above institutions were a part of Washington Consensus?
Hundies are normally __________?
The Union Bank of India would like to use an account of State bank of India in Citibank of New York in dollars. For Union Bank of India it is a _________?
Which among the following body publishes Incoterms?
In which of the following situations, the current ratio, net working capital and debt equity ratio of a Bank will improve?


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