Quiz 293 : General Knowledge for All Examinations

1.Which among the following does not correctly denotes the headquarters of Indian Army’s Operational Command?
(A)Southern Command – Chennai
(B)Northern Command – Udhampur
(C)Western Command – Chandimandir
(D)Eastern Command – Kolkata
(E)Central Command – Lucknow

2.The Indian Air force is divided into how many operational commands?

3.Which among the following is India’s first nuclear powered submarine?
(A)INS Nashank
(B)INS Chakra
(C)INS Shankul
(D)INS Shalki
(E)INS Sindhushastra

4.Which among the following has the motto ‘Unity and Discipline’?
(A)National Defense Academy
(B)National Cadet Corps
(C)Home Guards
(D)Border Security Force

5.Which among the following is oldest ?
(A)Border security force
(B)Assam Rifles
(C)Central Reserve Police Force
(D)Indo Tibetan Police Force
(E)National Security Guards

6.In which type of following classical dance forms of India the Pung which is a drum is a integral part?

7.In which of the following states Devnimori stupa related to Buddhism is located?
(A)Madhya Pradesh
(B)Andhra Pradesh

8.The Angkor Vat Temple at Cambodia is devoted to which of the following deity?

9.Ancient Damascus which is located in Syria is a world heritage site. It is a ____?

10.Which among the following is correct about triticale?
(A)A hybrid seed
(B)A man made cereal
(C)A genetically modified cereal
(D)A leguminous plant
(E)None of them

11.Which among the following denote the correct month of the observations given in options?
(A)Mizoram Day – February
(B)Rajasthan Day – March
(C)Goa Liberation Day – December
(D)Hyderabad-Karnataka liberation day – July
(E)all are correct

12.Who among the following served as India’s first Test Captain?
(A)Nawab of Pataudi Senior,
(B)Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan
(C)C. K. Nayudu
(D)Lala Amarnath
(E)Chandu Borde

13.Bring out the wrongly matched pair:
(A)Shiv kumar sharma – Santoor
(B)Hari prasad Chaurasia – Flute
(C)Sujjat Khan – Sarod
(D)Sabri Khan – Sarangi
(E)Kishan Maharaj – Tabla

14.Which among the following is not a trophy or cup related to Hockey?
(A)Bombay Gold Cup
(B)Gurmeet Trophy
(C)Indira Gold Cup
(D)Narang Cup
(E)Rangaswami Cup

15.Which among the following was offered as prize in early Olympics?
(A)A crown of olive branches
(B)A piece of meat of sacrificed animal
(C)A Gold coin
(D)A pot of olive oil
(E)None of them

16.Which among the following is not given as “Life Time Achievement” Award in India?
(A)Dada Saheb Phalke Award
(B)Dhyanchand Award
(C)Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Awards
(D)C K Nayudu Award
(E)Dronacharya Award

17.During which of the following period the Bharat Ratna awards were discontinued?

18.The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay awards are given annually for outstanding contribution in the field of Public Service, Community leadership, Journalism, Literature , arts etc. Ramon Magsaysay was a president of which of the following countries?
(E)None of them

19.Vedantham Satyanarayan is known to be a greatest guru of which of the following dance forms?

20.Where are the headquarters of National Film Archive of India?
(C)New Delhi

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