Quiz 383: India’s Finance, Banking & Economy for All Examinations

1.Recently we read in the financial newspapers that, the number of credit card holders in India is decreasing consistantly (the number of credit cards in circulation fell below the 20-million mark in March 2010). Which among the following is the most responsible reason behind the fall of the number of credit cards in circulation in India?
(A)The Global Financial Slowdown has changed the mind of consumers and now they are getting rid of credit cards
(B)The Reserve Bank of India has put tighter regulations for the issue of the credit cards
(C)The issuers have now a days decided to issue less number of credit cards due to increasing number of defaults
(D)The issuers are culling inactive and defaulting accounts and focusing instead on increasing spends per card
(E)The low interest rates have forced the issuers to cull the credit cards

2.Choose the set of the years in between Indian Cricket League operated?

3.Which among the following research and asset management firm is launching India Infrastructure Index Fund ?
(A) Benchmark Asset Management Company Private Ltd
(B) Emerging Global Advisors
(C)Rydex Investments
(D)The Vanguard Group
(E)None of the above

4.Consider the following Banks:
1. ICICI Bank 2. HDFC Bank 3. Axis Bank 4. State Bank of India
Arrange the above banks in decreasing order of their ATM presence in India:
(E)None of them is in correct order

5.In context with the ATM transactions in India, as per the recent directives of RBI,the banks are permitted to charge customers after how many free third party transactions every month?

6.Which among the following does not come under the Priority Sector Lending (PSL)?
(A)Small & Marginal Farmers
(B)Environmentally sustainable projects
(C)Small Enterprises
(D)Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
(E)Education Loans

7.Which among the following function of RBI gives most clear indication that it is Bankers’ Bank in India?
(A)Issuance of Currency
(B)Ways & means advances
(C)Liquidity Adjustment Facility
(D)Maintenance of Currency Chests
(E)Collection of Credit information

8.What is the validity period of Laghu Udyami Credit Card?
(A)3 years
(B)4 years
(C)5 years
(D)10 years
(E)2 years

9.In context with banking in India, March 16, 1949 is a date which marks:
(A)Establishment of RBI
(B)Nationalization of RBI
(C)Banking Regulation act coming in Force
(D)Nationalization of Banks
(E)None of them

10.A Rs. 50 note with a * (star) in the number panel between the prefix and the serial number indicates that _________?
(A)This note has special security features
(B)This note was printed in a press outside India
(C)This note was printed by RBI to replace a defectively printed banknote
(D)This note is printed on international quality paper
(E)All of above

11.Consider the following:
1. International Monetary Fund
2. Word Bank
3. World Trade Organization
4. US Treasury Department
5. US Federal Bank
Which among the above institutions were a part of Washington Consensus?
(A)1 & 2
(B)1, 2 & 3
(C)1,2 & 4

12.Hundies are normally __________?
(B)Bills of Exchanges
(C)Bills of Purchase
(D)Bills of Lading
(E)Demand Drafts

13.The Union Bank of India would like to use an account of State bank of India in Citibank of New York in dollars. For Union Bank of India it is a _________?
(A)NOSTRO account
(B)VOSTRO Account
(C)LORO Account
(D)Forex Account
(E)Account Swap

14.Which among the following body publishes Incoterms?
(A)World Trade Organization
(B)International Chamber of Commerce
(C)World Bank
(D)International Monetary Fund
(E)World Economic Forum

15.In which of the following situations, the current ratio, net working capital and debt equity ratio of a Bank will improve?
(A)If the bank realizes book debts in cash
(B)If the bank issues rights shares
(C)If the Bank issues bonus shares
(D)If the bank revalues its fixed assets
(E)all of above

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